Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

31.08.2009 - 06.09.2009
Studio Słodownia +3
Josef Fruček Coaching/warsztat: Walcząca Małpa

Open showing

Friday 04.09 / 19:00 / Studio Słodownia +3 / free admission


Saturday, 05.09 - 10:00-14:30 (30 min break)
Sunday, 06.09 - 10:00-14:30 (30 min break)

Fighting Monkey
[Introduction to the Mechanism of Injury] 
Partnering Class 

How to meet the forces, which are acting on us 
How to avoid or absorb incoming energy 
How to stay compact and still be able not to lose dance qualities 
How to receive and carry others in speed as well as in slow motion 
How to learn perceive yourself and your surroundings as one inseparable whole. 
How and where to see the possibility of injury 
How to risk and still diminish probability of injury to minimum

Partnering is for us- The Art of Emptying and Listening. Move together wild but safe, without too much projecting on what will happen in following moments. Partnering as a way to understand our own behavioral habits through interaction with our partner. 
We are concentrating on anatomical understanding of locomotory system, in term of 

  • Being functionally open and ready to respond to any impulse 
  • To sense when we are close and unable to react appropriately
  • To understand what does it mean- flow of energy without interruption.


We are working with specifics of each individual body proportions; it’s weight, flexibility, power, compactness or fragmentation. We are looking for:

  • Cautiousness in any situation 
  • Knowledge of overall dynamics 
  • Knowledge of different levels of energy and temperament 
  • Knowledge of our limits 
  • Movement of partner’s eyes, body, hands and feet to create ability to read his/her body-mind intentions 
  • Practical understanding of speed, sticking, joining, adhering and following 
  • Giving the weight, push and pull, jumps and lifts, manipulations and so on.


In our seminars and workshops we are proposing prefixed duo-material as well as free form with some specific physical limitations. 

We will work alone as well as with one or several partners on dance orientated wrestling and fighting: 

  • To create strength for clear decision and learn about movement functionality. 
  • Learn about balanced exchange of centralization (movement towards center, to safety, to roots) and extension (actions of daring to risk). 
  • Find and build flexible inner stability attentive enough to listen, accept, absorb, leading to free expression so important for a performer.


Our aim is to build up conscious development of:

  • Mental powers, able to direct and coordinate most of the physical and functional capacities of the body. 
  • Emotional understanding 
  • And physical equilibrium


Bring them into a balance and learn to let them function as one inseparable unit, which can efficiently communicate within itself and with the environment and so to deal with demands of daily life.

Exercises and working process involved in this seminars are result of on going 7 years research program concentrated on application of one of the oldest internal Chinese martial arts training into education for actors and dancers.