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24.06.2007 - 29.06.2007
Studio Słodownia +3
Palle Dyrvall Coaching Project: Inner voices - Unseen images

Old Brewery New Dance at Malta Festival

During the festival, Palle Dyrvall will run an intense artistic training for professionals - coaching project, Inner voices - unseen images. He offers a focused workshop, based much on improvisation, especially on the strategy and techniques useful when creating a dance theatre (Tanztheater) performance.

During the festival this year, Palle will not only run a coaching project, but will also perform a solo Catastrophe Communication Combinatoria, created together with Caroline Hainaut.

Inner voices - Unseen images
How can we avoid the abstraction of dance by going into specific states where every part of the body becomes aware and dedicated to the situation? Including the different aspects of performance: game, movement, and voice, the workshop will take as its basis the assumption that even though we analyze things under multiple lights, we mostly operate in life through impulse and rarely through logic. We make decisions based on intuition and our system of thought tends to be both emotionally and corporeally based. Our concern will thus be to work in such a way that we strive not to fall back on a technique and that we minimize abstract language of movement. We will rather emphasize the human aspect of dance, that is to say a spontaneous expression of inner events.

Palle Dyrvall (Stokholm/Brussels), after graduating from the Swedish Ballet School, he worked in Stockholm with Efva Liji group, a post modern dance group specialising in performances in non-theatrical places like museums, streets, buildings walls or under water. In his work, Palle Dyrvall has always been interested in improvisation as a means of searching for material for the show. This has led him to Belgium, where in 1996 he joined Hans van de Broeck's goup, Les Ballets C. de la B. There, in such shows as (they feed we) EAT EAT EAT and La Sortie, he could combine being a dancer/performer with his own creations. In 1998 he became a resident artist at Movement Research in New York. Some of the most important experiences in his professional career was working with Jan Fabre on Parrots and Guinea Pig, and with Cie. Soit on Almost Dark.