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Teatr Cynada Bożeny Eltermann Bye, Bye dolly double bill

Maria Olszewska

Małgorzata Ziębińska

video, editing 
Karol Nowakowski

graphic desing 
Karolina Witecka

Marcelina Przybysz

direction, choreography, costume, lights, dance 
Bożena Eltermann

I am walking down the street, returning home after a rehersal. A red inscription painted on a fence enfolding a construction site catches my eye. “Good bye baby doll”, it says.

The next day I take the same route. I throw a glance... The writing is still there. It starts to work within me. On the third day I am already lookng forward to catch a view of it. It is mine. It is to me. From now on I do not stop thinking about it. I make a snap decision: Yes, the dolly must go away... Let’s see what she will leave behind.

„Cynada is a theatre of movement as there is nothing that stays still.”
Bożena Eltermann

Established in 1998 by Bożena Eltermann, Cynada Theatre is a dance theatre, a theatre of movement. Its aesthetic originates from German Expressionism and its precursors Rudolf von Laban and Mary Wigman.

Cynada Theatre productions / choreography by Bożena Elterman: Cynada (1998), Tranquila (1999), Prince with lilies (2001), Waran.las.piniowy (2003), Tanzschule (2006), Turning Point (2008), Hexelolita (2009), Heretics, heterics, hedonists, celebrities (2011), Bye, bye dolly (2012)

Bożena Eltermann – founder and director of Cynada Theatre. For many years she has been co-creating the dance theatre scene in Tri-City. In the years 1989 -1995 she was a solist of Expression Theatre, one of the pioneers of dance theatre in Poland. For 11 years she was running a studio in the former Gdansk Shipyard, co-creating with Marek Kakareko the Artists’ Colony since its inception. The teatre is supported by the Gravity Foundation.


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