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Studio Slodownia +3

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50 min

Concept, choreography, dance:
Maria Zimpel

Bryan Eubanks

Catherine Lamb

Space design and costume design:
We design for physical culture

Paweł Winiarski

Stage construction according to the We design for physical culture project:
Tryktrak Studio | ThinkDO Studio

Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art / Residential Program

Maria Zimpel

Thanks to:
„Łowicka” Center in Mokotów, the Centrum Sztuki Tańca and the Cultural Center "Kadr" in Warsaw for providing space for practice.

The "Body and Fiction" project was created thanks to the commitment, cooperation and kindness of many people. Special thanks to Sara Kałużna for help in preparing the texts.

fot.: Bryan Eubanks

Maria Zimpel photo Bryan Eubanks SM

When imaginary meets real

It is a meeting outside of the logics,

yet with power for creating singularities[1]

Dancing body is not only physical. Body is also created by embodied imagination and relationships which she/he enters. Fiction in various ways allows me to ask questions about the limits of the body, allows also to reach out to existing stories and build new ones – embodied stories about relations in the body, anatomically fictitious and anatomically true. The dance here is generated by finding – upon internal anatomical and spatial maps – energy pathways. These pathways, awoken in corporeality, enable the body of the performer to shift into new organisms and new forms of lives.

Space is an environment

Sound is an environment

Light is an environment

Movement is an environment [2]

The "Body and Fiction" is an interdisciplinary work in which music, spatial object and light are successive layers of choreography. Nevertheless, they are closer to diverse environments, each of which, in its own way, extracts its own fiction. There is an exchange, between those layers and movement, provoking reciprocal relations in which the body and the dancer create a dance.

[1] Maria Zimpel record from the process

[2]  ibidem

Maria Zimpel - choreographer and dancer. In her work Zimpel draws on somatics and autobiographical abstraction. In her movement research she examine the limits of physicality and creates her own dance language. She is the author of: Pure Matter, Epic, Working like a dog, What do you really miss? (SoloProject2012) , s c a t t e r, noish~, and  the trio entitled: What do you really miss? (3),2. Her background is the tradition of radical artists ones like Rosalind Crisp, Isabelle Schad or Kat Valastur with all of whom she has collaborated on numerous occasions as a dancer. She stars in both others' and her own projects working in Poland and over the world e.g. in  Paris, Berlin, Petersburg, Prague, Vienna, and Amsterdam. She studied dancing and choreography at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT) of the Berlin Universität der Künste.

The work was created during the performative residency at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle within the framework of the project "Feedback - form assignment and acceptance", carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance and a research team of the project "Cartography of Foreignness" under the supervision of dr hab. Magdalena Środa. Premiered in frame of „Other Dances” exhibition curated by Agnieszka Sosnowska.