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24.06.2008 - 25.06.2008
Słodownia +2
Yann Marussich bleu.remix performance

concept, performance
Yann Marussich

A Swiss artist/performer Yann Marussich in his spectacle-instalation Bleu.remix, returns to the theme already explored in 2001, in the Bleu Provisoire spectacle when he let a mysterious blue liquid ooze as blood would, through the layers of his skin, as though it was a final effect or a by-product of his body's inner processes. This way, Marussich opened the paths between the inside and the outside world - secret passages from the unconscious, straight to the conscious. In Bleu.Remix, the artist once more lets us experience an intimate journey through the corners of his body. While searching for a kind of a universal human being, he takes the essence of Bleu Provisoire's concept, mixes and transforms the senses and uncovers the secret existing reality, which exists in everyone of us, even better.

Each time the spectacle is performed, a different (local) musician accompanies Yann live - in Poznań we will hear Dawid Szczęsny (Wrocław) and Radek Dziubka (Poznań). This exceptional - unique and one-time - confrontation of a musician with a performance establishes a new relation between the sound and the created image. The spontaneous meeting of two artists brings an element of risk and uniqueness to the event, as if the music explored the spectacle over and over again and depicted new ways of perception.

Yann Marussich's (1966) artistic lineage stems from contemporary dance. His full of intensive poetry spectacles leave noone indifferent. The critics call his productions "stripping, surprising, provocative, authentic". He has created nearly 30 dance spectacles and performances since 1989. Between 1993 and 2000, pararelly to his artistic work, he was the director of l'Usine in Geneva (in the programme of which nearly only projects of vanguard contemporary choreography and performance art could be found). He is also the founder of ADC Studio in Geneva (1993). The spectacle Bleu Provisoire was created in 2001 and established the founding point of his long-lasting research on motionlessness. He has created a number of solos presented during the international festivals since then. Two of such projects (Traversée and Morsures) were also presented in the Old Brewery (2005).

Dawid Szczęsny sound artist; lives in Wrocław; his music is done mostly from the samples from old vinyl longplays. He performed in Poland, Germany, Latvia, Spain (Sonar 2006), Austria, Slovakia, South Africa (Red Bull Music Academy 2003), Italy, Ukraine, Bielarussia... Right now he collaborates with Ignaz Schick (Berlin), Sofie Loizou (Sydney), Stefan Schneider (Mapstation). He creats also a duet Earpeace together with NonGenetic - a rapper from Shadowhuntaz group, Los Angeles.

Radek Dziubek he works professionally as a copy-writer and proof-reader; inbetween, he is a musician working with different formations (Blimp, Migawki, Grobbing Thristle); he is an utopian idealist, quite a romantic and absolutely obsessive fan of This Heat, Arthur Russell and Michel Houellebecq. Cooperation: Magda Starska, Ola Winnicka, Sascha Glasl (music to video work "Zweins"), Teatr Porywacze Ciał (part of the music and realization of the show "Wszystkie grzechy są śmiertelne"), Artur Kłosiński (music Blimp in the movie "Terrorist") Artur Rojek, Marcin Dymiter (Emiter), Tortoise (US), Audioactive (Japan)