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Studio Slodownia +3

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the performances will take place
11th June at 19:00 and 21:00

Rosalind Crisp we współpracy z tancerzami

Martyna Lorenc, Anna Nowicka, Janusz Orlik, Tomek Pomersbach, Julia Plawgo,Katarzyna Wolińska i Marysia Zimpel

Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk


© Michał Łuczak


duration 50 min.

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Back to bone strips dancing back to what it is made of. After 20 years of deconstructing movement, my interest no longer lies in the movements themselves, in whether some movements are better than others, but in the attention of the dancer to what produces the movement.

The choreographic practice engages the dancers in a specific decision-making process where they invoke the potential of every part of their bodies. At any moment, any part of their body could initiate, in any direction, at any speed, with any effort, for any duration. Through a rigorous training of paying attention to where movement is forming in their bodies, their attention is continually in the present moment. The dancers' attention is not on the movement that is produced, not on presenting polished, perfect moves. Their attention, rather, is on the emergent form, and in this gap the body has to adapt and may do some extraordinary moves. The dancers are liberated and empowered to allow whatever physical response is driven out by the imperative to respond to what their attention compels them to do. The innovative potential of the body to create new forms has been exhausted and in the wake of this collapse, the infinite potential of attention is exposed. We may find ourselves in a most extraordinary unfolding, where everything is unfastened, each moment a tear in time.

In the stripped bare space of Stary Browar’s Słodownia 2nd level, it’s choreographic decisions made by the dancers, in the moment, that burn the brightest.

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Rosalind Crisp grew up on a sheep farm in Australia. She trained at the Victorian Ballet School, Melbourne, before studying release work, Body-mind centering® and Contact Improvisation at the European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 1991. She established the Omeo Dance studio in Sydney, the site for her choreographic research for over 10 years, receiving a number of awards, including a fellowship from the Australia Council. Since 2004 she is based in Paris where she is a choreographic associate of the Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson. Her work is supported by the French Government and is presented in France, Germany, Finland, the UK, Australia,... She also creates works for other companies such as Two Fish Berlin, Laban Centre London, University of Melbourne, HZT University of Berlin where she is a guest professor, and teaches throughout Europe and Australia. Her ongoing research project, danse, is the foundation of her work in collaboration with the dancers of her company, in particular Céline Debyser and Max Fossati, and guests such as Andreas Müller, Andrew Morrish and Swiss guitarist, Hansueli Tischhauser.


Martyna Lorenc dancer and cognitive scientist. A person curious and frequently changing interests. The ones which stay over years are music, movement, cognitive processes and food. Currently lives in Austria. Has worked with Editta Braun Company (Salzburg) and C.O.V. Company Off Verticality (Linz), last year also with Georg Blaschke/M.A.P. Vienna and David Zambrano. In between pieces for others creates own works, i.e. solo "Alien drive" with componist Lorenzo Romano, duet "Beton" with Hygin Delimat, visual artist Polina Stoyanova and componist Ivan Shopov in residency in Derida Dance Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. Recently together with her brother she created a video work, a serie of moving images, to be shown in the frame of Homeless Exhibition during Screen&Sound Festival in Cracow.
In 2013 she took part in a research residency within Visegrad Artist Residency Program in Budapest, working on phantomic sensations ("Phantoms beyond the brain"), together with Maria Zimpel and Gaja Karolczak. At the moment works on a new performance with Rafał Pierzynski within residency in austrian Alps.

Anna Nowicka graduated from experimental academy of dance SEAD in Salzburg , Ernst-Busch/HZT in Berlin and Psychology department at Warsaw University. Her artistic research focuses on the relationship between dreambody  and dancing body, with special interest in the choreography of the imagined. As part of her practice, Anna explores different perspectives of looking, and the possibility for using different points of view as a tool to reveal the still-invisible, yet present images. Choreographing is for her a continuous study of the relationship and the tension between the creative process and its result (understood also as a by-product of the research). Her creative way began with a meeting with Anna Godowska and a long-term collaboration with a Slovenian choreographer Mala Kline. Since 2010 her individual choreographic practice is connected with the Art Stations Foundation in Poznan (participation in the Solo Project). Anna has won many awards and scholarships, her performance "Fire is raging in your hair“ won the 100 GRAD festival at HAU in Berlin (2012) , and solo : "the truth is just a plain picture. said bob ." was presented during the Polish Dance Platform 2012. Currently, Anna is studying at The School of Images under the direction of dr. Catherine Shainberg, and divides her life between Berlin and Poland.

Janusz Orlik after graduating from ballet school in Warsaw became a student of Brucknerkonservatorium Linz (AT). During his studies he became a founding member of x.IDA Dance Co. and performed in productions created by Olga Cobos, Peter Mika, Catherine Guérin, Rebekka Murgi, Nicole Caccivio, Charlotte Vincent. Since 2002 Janusz has been a regular member of Vincent Dance Theatre (GB). Simultaneously, Janusz creates his own choreographic works, including “Exérèse monobloc” (2004), “and thy neighbour as thyself” (2006), “Live on stage” (2008), “The Rite of Spring” (2011), “Insight” (2013). In 2007 he performed in “nothing” by towarzystwo gimnastyczne and in 2009 in “Happy” by Nigel Charnock, in which he was also involved as choreographer's assistant. In 2010 he joined Kwaad Bloed Company (BE) performing in “Forces”. In 2011 he joined Nigel Charnock + Company (GB) to create new work “Ten Men”. In the same year he collaborated and performed in “Reconstruction” by Joanna Leśnierowska and in 2012 with Gary Clarke (GB) performing in “Horsemeat”. In 2013 he began a collaboration with Daniel Landau (IL). In 2014 he performed in “… (Rooms by the sea) from the series Exercises in Looking” by Joanna Leśnierowska and in “Unintended Consequences” by Sjoerd Vreugdenhil. Other works include “High heels” for the ballet ensemble of The Opera House in Kraków, “Alpha” for The Contemporary Dance Scene in Poznań, “Adagio” for the Musical Theatre in Poznań. As well as performing Janusz delivers dance workshops in various venues and dance schools in Poland and abroad. Scholar of the Ministry of Culture and National Herritage of the Rebublic of Poland in 2011.

Tomasz Pomersbach dancer with many years of professional experience and holder of certificate of higher education acquired at London Contemporary Dance School (2010). From August 2010 till December 2013 he was a dancer at Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan. He performed in a.o. Minus 2 (chor. Ohad Naharin), Spring-Effatha (chor. Ewa Wycichowska), Desert (chor. Paulina Wycichowska), Wo-man in tomatoes (chor. Yossi Berg) and 40 (chor. Jo Strømgren). While working for Polish Dance Theatre he co-created two pieces in the frame of young choreographers’ atelier: Arrhythmia (2012) and Surreptitiously (2013). The latter had its presentations at the Festival of Contemporary Dance SPACER in Cracow and Inqbator Ruchu vol. 2 festival in Ostrołęka. Since the beginning of 2014 he has been working as an independent performing artist. He is in permanent collaboration with Pink Mama Theatre in Bern, directed by Sławek Bendrat and Dominik Krawiecki. He took part in the making of and performed in Unintended consequences directed by Sjoerd Vreugdenhil, produced by Art Statins Foundation in Poznan. He also undertakes his own initiatives as a dancemaker. Together with Anita Szurek he created a solo piece Quaerere that had its premier showing in May 2014 in the frame of 10th Mandala Performance Festival in Wroclaw.      

Julia Plawgo form October on student of the BA program Dance Context Choreography at HZT Berlin. Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy 2014 by Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk. She gained her stage experience performing in Anna Piotrowska's works presented among others at Polish Dance Platform 2010 in Poznań, 18th International Meeting of Live Arts CROSSROADS in Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and Warsaw Dance Scene 2012. In December 2013, she presented her solo piece Alfredo Traps dances in National Old Theatre's Strefa Be in Cracow in the frame of a cycle commenting season: swinarski. She deepened her knowledge by attending workshops led by: Keith Hennessy, Benoît Lachambre, Mala Kline, Kathleen Hermesdorf, David Zambrano, Tony Orrico Rasmus Ölme, Samantha van Wissen.

Kasia Wolińska, The Mother of Bunnies, daughter of Eva and Darek, born in Gdansk, Poland. Quite well educated as a choreographer and anthropologist, experienced rather as a dancer. She dances a lot and with pleasure. Out of many different reasons. Was a student of Leszek Bzdyl and Kasia Chmielewska, collaborated for some years with Pracownia Fizyczna, she is the Best F(r)iend of Tatiana Kamieniecka as well as recently one of the voices of Agata Siniarska. She had a lot of great teachers. With Eva Tanko and Martin Hansen she leads the Church of the Banana, international organization based in Berlin. Since 2013 she has been actively involved in her own project "Hi Mary" that consists of: waiting, swimming, extensive cooking, singing, dancing as well as drawing, OSHO meditation, research on religion, magic and recently also exploration of the amazonian jungle and the city jungle of Lima. She also co-creates "a certain polish group in Berlin" for which she organizes the meetings with chat and cake.  She has an orange belt of Weng Chun Kung Fu. Currently studying at HZT Berlin. Has a bright future ahead of her.

Marysia Zimpel, studied dance with Gill Clark, Rosalind Crisp, Isabelle Schad a.o. Running, swimming, release work as well as somatic work were extensively present in her dance education, and still are in her dance practice. She studied contemporary dance, choreography and context at HZT, UdK in Berlin. At the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, at the Department of Cultural Studies, she defended her thesis: “Dance practice – mobile space of creating of the self”. She has performed her works in Berlin, Vienna (ImageTanz 2011), Poznań, Amsterdam. In 2010 she has joined the Vienna based performance collective God’s Entertainment, with which she performed until 2012. She was invited by Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke for their project “(En)tropical Institute” which took place in Berlin/UferStudios in May 2012. She also dances for Isabella Schad taking part in her choreography “Music”, and her current production “Experience#1”.

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