Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Dominika Knapik As you like me? spektakl

concept, choreography and performance 
Dominika Knapik

directing cooperation 
Wojtek Klimczyk


'm sitting, I'm walking, because I like running. Origins unknown. I'm standing on my hands, I'm looking, touching. I'm moving my legs, my back, my elbows. I'm braiding, throwing, carrying, leaving. Cheerful looks, sunny smiles, clean clothes. I can't feel anything except my own body. Sometimes a bear, a car, a dress. Dominika. For the time being this person does not exist.

Dominika Knapik
She calls herself a 'searching actor-dancer-choreographer'. She comes from Kraków, where she graduated from The Ballet Studio of Opera Krakowska and PWST (The State School for Theatre Arts). She has always oscillated between dance and acting. Right now she is interested in working on the crossing line of theatre, dance and film. She forms a dance group called Hoplaaa, which deals with the production of experiments combining dance and film. SOLO PROJEKT for her is a chance to create the first fully authorial project and stand face to face with her own dreams about choreography.