Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Art Stations Foundation will cease its activities

With December 31st of 2021 Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk is ending its activities. Thus we close 17 years of intensive work for the promotion and development of contemporary choreography.

Since 2004, for nearly two decades, through our Old Brewery New Dance program, we have been undertaking activities that promoted the most interesting contemporary choreographic phenomena and supported many Polish professionals in their artistic development.  Old Brewery provided the Polish and international dance community with a unique meeting point in Central Eastern Europe - a platform for research, creation and choreographic (self)reflection bringing forward the art of choreography in dialogue with other disciplines, examining its history, theory and future, revisiting and interrogating its own artistic, but also political and social, content and contexts.

During the 17 years, foundation has produced or co-produced a total of 88 original performances, and Studio Slodownia +3 has hosted countless residencies and nearly 200 guest performances from Poland and abroad (presented during the year presentation program, as well as ithin the 15 editions of the dance program at the Malta Festival). We have organized 13 editions of the Solo Projekt program and supported 35 young Polish artists within its framework.  During 11 years of the Alternative Dance Academy we have offered over 2000 hours of choreographic training for the whole generation of young dancers and choreographers - many of them received also our scholarships for participation in the full year courses. For 10 years we have proudly been developing Poland's first program dedicated to the youngest audience and artists who, thanks to our trainings, are now creating and developing exciting dance for children and their families. We have continuously promoted Polish dance outside Poland and within many partners and networks we have created special projects allowing Polish artists to be present on international stages. Since 2015 we have also granted 6 full-year research scholarships, in 2021 also adding 5 creative ones, and we supported numerous publications about dance.  With three books dedicated to the most interesting issues of the ever-expanding art of choreography and with an international year-long project of , we have crowned our long-standing mission of spreading knowledge and raising discourse about the latest trends in the art of making movement and with-movement-writing.  We searched for (and we hope we did find some of ) the answers to the important question: can choreography help to heal the world? And what will be its immediate as well as the more distant future?

We deeply believe that although the history of Art Stations Foundation is coming to its end, and an important period in the recent history of Polish dance is coming to its closure, our work, and its effects (also through the work of the artists we have supported) will always resonate with all of us - both within the dance community and with our wonderful audience.

With this intention, together with our founder Grazyna Kulczyk, we would like to share with you here the Polish e-version of the final volume of our choreographic series. May Choreography :strategies - co-created with many dance thinkers and practitioners  - keeps inspiring us further into reflection and choreographic development!

And here also, on website, already in Spring 2022 , we will make available the comprehensive digital archive of Art Stations Foundation by Grazyna Kulczyk. We hope it will serve as a detailed map and report of nearly 2 decades of our intensive journey together. 

And although this journey comes to an end now, the road and the travelling itself  do not finish. Above all, even though the Foundation and opportunities to meet us at Browar will no longer exist, we do hope to continue meeting with you in many new contexts and projects. 

Herewith, we would like to thank you for great seventeen years of being and working together and wish you, as well as ourselves, all the best in all your endeavors, including those aimed at further developing the fascinating and still expanding choreographic field!

Joanna Leśnierowska |courator|

Marta Lewandowska-Harasimowicz |plenipotent of foundation|

Natalia Gorzelańczyk |production and promotion|