Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Alternative Dance Academy 2013

...which is devoted to the art of choreography. Aim of the project is to point out the  difference between being a dancer and a choreographer, as well as to share the idea that performers and creators of dance should be educated in a different, more suitable, relevant way. Past decades brought broadening of the definition of dance as a way of artistic expression. It is required from creators to be aware of existance of various methods of artistic creation, many different ways of processing dance piece as well as being ready and courageous enough to create their own, original methods of work. That is why we have created ADA, which fulfills statements above and give scholars creative tools from many areas of artistic expression and emerging their readiness and ability to reflect and autoreflect their work as choreographers. The project’s priority is to facilitate dance education led by the most eminent choreographers and educators and to support an educational model that best reflects the essence (and thus and needs) of contemporary dance.

Akademia Tańca 2013

The program is composed of a year-long set of classes within a session system (in 2013 7 sessions, 30 hours each) conducted by a group of international choreographers and educators. Each edition of the program is concluded with a follow-up show that assumes diverse, often innovative forms (from performance / lectures through presentations of the elements of the creative process that is the subject of the workshop, to installations and happenings created during the workshop).