Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

25.11.2013 - 29.11.2013
Studio Słodownia +3
Tomasz Rodowicz ALFABETY CIAŁEM SPAZIO 2013 - workshops for professionals

The workshop organized by CHOREA is based on intensive acting training. The workshop focuses on waking up the “organicity” of an actor, by working with body, dynamic movement, voice, musicality, rhythm, and on applying all these means of expression simultaneously into a singular, complete artistic act. The workshop will be also inspired by the concept of collective actor, based on intensive work with partner, and multidimensional - polyrhythmic and polyphonic - ways of working with the group. CHOREA's method of work has two main qualities: intensity and risk - both physical and resulting from the necessity to transcend the limits of one's abilities. CHOREA workshop is moving beyond the presentation of techniques and teaching. The workshop leads to activate the creativity of the group and to create authentic, dynamic artistic event.

Tomasz Rodowicz director, actor, musician, educator, earlier also a historian of philosophy and beekeeper. Born in 1951 in Warsaw. Graduate of the Faculty of History of Philosophy at the Warsaw Theological Academy. Co-founder of Poland’s first social therapy centre for young drug addicts. He collaborated with Jerzy Grotowski in 1974-1979. Co-founder of the Centre for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” and its member in 1977-2003. Co-founder of the Theatre Association Chorea and its leader since 2004. Artistic director of Art Factory in Lodz since 2007. Artistic director of the RETRO/PER/SPECTIVES CHOREA International Theatre Festival and director of Oratorium Dance Project CHOREA Lodz 2011 and 2012.