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Claire Croizé affected

Claire Croizé

Varinia Canto Vila, Mariana Garzon Garcia, Claire Godsmark


Jan Maertens

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'to affect'
1) to openly demonstrate unnaturalness; to simulate emotions
2) to accomplish something through physical change; to touch something

Three women. Three solos. Different stages of life: from the memories of the early childhood, through the loss of innocence, to old age and death. Affected tells the story of identity of everyone, who fights their own limitations and is forced to confront loneliness and themselves. "Limitations" become the expression of loss of everything that passes and dies.

The choreographic path of Claire Croizé is puerly physical. In her work, she does not search for situational realism. On the contrary, she persists in a peculiar excess, artificiality, lack of naturalness in the manner of movement. She remains faithful to a rigorous order of composition as a way of formulating the messages. In 2000 she graduated from P.A.R.T.S. (Belgium). Except for taking part in her own choreographies, she also danced for Etienne Guilloteau (the Skène spectacle was presented in the Brewery two years ago), Hooman Sharifi and Jean-Luc Ducourt. Her Blowing Up solo became one of the discoveries of PARTS@PARIS, as well as the event during the Junge Hunde Festival in 2002 (Monty Theater in Antwerp).