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deadline for applications
Aerowaves - 2015 artists application

Complete the online Aerowaves application form here.

Applications must be completed by 15 September 2014!

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If you have any questions
regarding application please
call Anna Arthur
+44 (0)20 8681 7123
or send e-mail:

Aerowaves is a network which annually researches younger dance work in Europe, and seeks cross-border presentation opportunities for selected artists. In 2009 over 70 performances were confirmed in 22 European cities. This increased to over 80 in 2010, and  100 subsequently, including those of our annual festival Spring Forward. We anticipate a similar number in 2014, listed on the Aerowaves Companies calendar as they occur. This application is for 2015, when we aim to offer as many opportunities, and possibly more.

Eligibility for Aerowaves:
- applicants resident in Europe
- work made in geographical Europe
- work between 15 and 40 minutes duration
- work that can share a triple bill, with simple technical requirements
- work by postgraduate but not undergraduate students
- correct submission of application form, with video uploaded to Vimeo and DVD by post
- previous Aerowaves applicants, successful or unsuccessful, may apply with a different work
- applications that are completed no later than Monday 15 September 2014.

Some circumstances may be exceptional.
If you have any questions call Anna Arthur +44 (0)20 8681 7123
or send e-mail: 

How to apply to Aerowaves
Upload your video at If it is too big for their free membership, you should take a Vimeo Plus subscription for one month at $9.95 (about €7.70) and upload your video in HD. Please use the Privacy settings if you do not wish to make your video public, but remember to tell us the Password as well as the reference number.
When your uploaded work has been agreed as eligible by email, post an identical DVD of the piece you wish to present (with your company name, email address and the title of the work clearly marked) to: Aerowaves, The Place, 17 Dukes Road, London WC1H 9PY, UK
Only one work may be submitted by each choreographer or company.
Applications must be completed by 15 September 2014.

The video should be a simple record of a public performance from beginning to end, if possible including close-up and wide shots as appropriate. Promotional videos are not acceptable, and neither are videos of any piece other than that which you want to perform. Please do not submit videos longer than 40 minutes or less than 15 minutes since they will not be considered. If you are applying with a shortened version of a longer work, it must be edited to the short version on the video. DVDs must be recorded in DVD+R/+RW/-R/-RW formats and play on a standard component DVD player. Those that will only play on a computer like Apple Quicktime movies, will not be eligible.

Selection Process
Receipt of your application and DVD will be acknowledged by email. The email is not automated, therefore, it may take a day to reach you
You should enter any performances of the proposed work in the Aerowaves Candidates calendar
Priority Companies will be established by a meeting of Aerowaves Partners which takes place at the end of October, followed by the selection of companies for the Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival. Companies will be offered a small fee, agreed travel expenses, shared hotel accommodation for three or four nights (dependent upon performance date) and expenses for each company member. Detailed arrangements will be confirmed by contract following selection.
Priority Companies may also receive performance invitations throughout Europe in 2015-16, the conditions to be agreed between the artists and the presenters. All subsequent performances of the selected works, whether by Aerowaves invitation or not, should be entered in the Aerowaves Companies calendar.
Other applicants may also receive performance invitations even if they are not included within the Priority Companies. We are sorry that we cannot enter into further correspondence with those who are not selected.

Criteria for selection (some of the qualities that have guided us in the last 15 years):
- the work is propelled by a good idea
- choreographed with an originality motivated by this idea
- which has the confidence to omit the superfluous
- with a clear and sturdy structure
- danced with clarity, verve, commitment and assurance
- that will look good presented under limited technical conditions
- from a company that has not toured much abroad
- but whose experience might be enriched through Aerowaves
- and that will have a future