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Studio Słodownia +3
Boris Charmatz / Association Edna Aatt...enen...tionon show
date de creation: 1996

choreography: Boris Charmatz
dancers: Boris Charmatz, Anna Mac Rae, Fabrice Ramalingo

boris charmatz

Through a tensely balanced trio, Aatt enen tionon invites the audience to examine dance from top to bottom, from the base to the apex. Within a structure built like a tower on three levels, each body is held hostage by its platform. Isolated, solitary and semi-naked, Boris Charmatz, Anna MacRae and Vincent Druguet interpret in a strictly disorderly manner a choreographic score which is precise and raw. 
A radical piece created in 1996, Aatt enen tionon presents a form of dance which questions its very self, even though it is performed in conditions which would appear to render dance impossible. "There is no touching, no looking at one another, no ensemble work, no portés, no decorum and very little space - our organs now and then convey the tiniest of variations with simplicity and vigour".