Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Cie Gilles Jobin A + B = X performance

premiered 4th december 1997 Arsenic, Lausanne (Switzerland)

reset 10th of december 2010, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (France)

Gilles Jobin

Franz Treichler and The Young Gods

dancers creation 
Ana Pons Carrera, Gilles Jobin, Nuria de Ulibarri

dancers now 
Susana Panadés Díaz, Isabelle Rigat, Louis-Clément da Costa

appareance on film 
Franko B

light design
Daniel Demont

A + B = X is a journey through the human mind and the healing of one’s own body. Half-man half-woman, the bodies speak a strange language that corresponds to nothing but which means so much. Distortions and impositions, the body as prison, the body as a living art object.

“I continued my work where I left off in my last solo, Only You. Working chronologically, it made sense to start from there. The body as sculpture, the body as speech, the body as meaning, the images generated suggest more than they say. It is up to the viewer to look into his own self in order to give the presented images their true significance. My work is based on the complexity of the human mind and its relationship with the body, a modern vision of the body. I work using nudity, for its power of suggestion, like a costume. My work deals with the body in the present, I deal with the blending of the sexes, not seen as uniformity but as a source of diversity and richness.”

Gilles Jobin is one of the most known Swiss choreographers. He works in Geneve. He was studying classical ballet in Centre international de danse Rosella Hightower (Cannes) and in Ballet Junior (Geneve). He worked as a dancer with Fabienne Bergere, Philippe Saire i Angels Magarite. Created in 1997 show A+B=Xmarks a beginning of long term collaboration with Franz Treichler, composer and a leader of cult Swiss rock band The Young Gods. Successful show starts the international choreographic career of Jobin. His most important works include: The Moebius Strip, Under Construction, Two-Thousand-and-three (for Grand Theatre in Geneve), as well as presented in Poznań Steak house and Black Swan. Gilles Jobin curated the Focus Switzerland festival in Old Brewery in 2010.