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02.02.2008 - 02.03.2008
Art Stations gallery
Kolekcja Transphotographiques EXHIBITION

02.02.2008 - 02.03.2008
Art Stations gallery

01.02.2008 7:00 p.m.

Since 2001 Transphotographiques has been dedicated to popularizing and promoting European photography. Born out of this concern was the festival which takes place in the very heart of Europe – in Lille, France, and constitutes a landmark on the map of international photography.

The format of a well-established yearly event, gathering both beginning and experienced photographers, makes Transphotographiques a perfect context for the presentation of emerging as well as already renowned artists and the exchange of thought on contemporary photography. But despite having a broad international context, Transphotographiques also notices a need to support local artists and promote the region in which it is anchored.

This support is realized through organizing international exhibitions of the artists associated with the festival and maintaining numerous partnerships, e.g. with the French Institute Gallery in Warsaw, the Transfotografia Festival in Trójmiasto (Poland) and other artistic events from all over Europe. 

The retrospective exhibition which took place in Poznań on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Transphotographiques, presented a fine selection of the most representative artworks that have been displayed so far in the festival's history. It was meant to emphasize the inherent diversity of the Transphotographiques collection.

Below we present a (working) list of artists whose works will be included in the retrospective: Peter Lindbergh, Georges Rousse, Bettina Rheims, Willy Ronis, Thibaut Cuisset, Peter Knapp, Cédric Delsaux, François-Marie Banier, Kramarz & Lodzinska, William Klein, Sabine Weiss, Denis Rouvre, Jean-Claude Palisse, Vasco Ascolini, Leszek Pekalski, Eric Lebrun, Yan Tomaszewski...

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