Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Until recently Poznań’s Stary Browar (The Old Brewery of Poznań) has been a forgotten place which most of the city’s inhabitants did not knew much about.

It has been reconstructed and was re-opened around the end of 2003. Since that moment it has became one of the city’s shopping, architectural and cultural attractions. The complex comprises a commercial part (a shopping mall) and a cultural part with Dziedziniec Sztuki (The Courtyard of Arts) as its heart.


It used to be the main part of the historic building of Hugger’s Brewery. It consists of a 6-floor brick building with an adjoined building of Susznia. Studio Słodownia+ 3 is a studio (30 by 16 m). The room is suitable for presenting all kinds of performing arts: theater spectacles, dance shows, film shows, as well as for organizing exhibitions and conferences. A convertible lighting system makes it possible to use any kind and source of light. Tech specs file: download. Drawings of the studio: download.