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Saturday, 19.09.2020 on zoom
(links to be shared closer to event)
open for everybody
event is held in English

Jule Flierl
Somatic lecture

The Listening Station
Hosted by Bush Hartshorn and Ewa Tyralik

Taking emotions seriously. On empathy and politics.
Karolina Wigura
talk with Q&A following
moderated by Marta Keil


Grand re Union is a multigenerational international gathering of practitioners, thinkers, writers, scholars and audiences, It desires to give space, time and priority to examining, both in practice and through theoretical reflection and discussion, the possible ways to effectively address/ oppose/resist current world troubles - the crisis precipitated by growing extremism and polarization tearing at the fabric of inter-human and interspecies relations, and our connection to nature.

In the face of a world pulling apart, we insist on being together. We gather equipped with knowledge and tools that are generated through practices developed over decades of both artistic, choreographic and wider, socio-cultural, reflection and creation.

The center of the Earth is directly beneath each of us. We have something in common. So we show up to be changed, and by extension, to change the world. Together.

After the June launch of platform, from September 2020, we will continue monthly - every 3rd Saturday - gatherings online understanding it as
an opportunity to pause, an invitation to suspend business as usual, a chance to create time, and make space for deep reflection. On Saturday, Sept 19th , we invite us all to series of talks, listening and sharing sessions with a clear call to slow down & listen. Listen to understand. To Others, Others’ narratives, to Ourselves.

The open zoom program is accompanied with a monthly upload of materials prepared especially for this edition of the project. We invite you to discover them on our platform as well as in the special space created by Patryk Lichota, one of the many contributing Grand re Union’ers. Together with Patryk and many other artists and thinkers (Jule Flierl, Bush Hartshorn, Ewa Tyralik, Magda Przybysz, Karolina Wigura, Sara Shelton Mann, Kasia Sitarz, Lou Drago, a.o.) we invite you for a joint trip to The Grand VR Union planet.

Detailed information on zoom meetings with entering links and access and navigation for Grand VR Union will be shared on FB events and on Friday Sept 18th.

See you there!

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Jule Flierl


Somatic lecture

We cannot help but breathing. And still respiration is a movement, a rhythm and a nourishment, that changes with the stories we decide to tell about it.
Inspiration, Expiration, Co-spiration is a somatic lecture, an online class and a choral experience of practicing gas exchange together.

Jule Flierl is an artist from Berlin/Germany who works with choreography and the voice. Using choreography and somatic singing methods, her scores unsettle the relationship between seeing and hearing: what you see is not always what you hear, and what you hear is not always what you see. Through her work and practices, Jule proposes that the voice itself is dancing.

As a researcher, Jule is working on a history of European sound-dance. Jule is the founder and co-curator of FROM BREATH TO MATTER, a Berlin-based event series exploring and elevating sound-dance. For centuries, dancers on the European stage were muted. Flierl traces and contributes to the modern history in which the dancer's voice has re-emerged.


The Listening Station

Hosted by Bush Hartshorn and Ewa Tyralik

Welcome to The Listening Station.
This is the place to listen to stories and
to tell stories.
You are invited to come in and listen or
To come in and tell me a story,
any story
a funny story, a sad story, a story from the past, a story from today, a story of the future,
your story, another's story, any story.
I can listen to any language
I only understand and speak English.

You are welcomed to come under your real name or any other name of your choice You are welcomed to leave your camera on or put it in off mode

Let’s deep breath

Bush Hartshorn graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1982 with a degree in Theatre Language. From that time onwards Bush has pursued a career as a community artist, dramaturge, performer, theatre programmer and artistic director in UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark . He is currently Head of Artist Development at Dance Base, Edinburgh. In 2009 he qualified as a coach in Relational Dynamics which has informed his work in mentoring dance artists. Since January 2015 Bush has been mentoring/coaching artists in Australia, Cyprus, UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Poland. This has all been underpinned by a lifelong commitment to Liverpool Football Club.

Ewa Tyralik-Kulpa is communication trainer of psychosocial skills and she is permanently associated with the School of Communication Based on Empathy. She lectures empathic communication based on NVC running courses for organizations at Postgraduate Studies at University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) and for pedagogy students at the University of Warsaw. She wrote a practical guide on getting along: “Ewka, What’s Wrong With You? How to Communicate to Connect” (CoJaNaTo Publishing House). Ewa supports effective communication of organizations and managers. She also co-authors social campaigns and projects, including: “Gratitude - a Ticket to Happiness”, “Family Friendly Psychologist” and “Corporation With a Soul” (awarded by the Responsible Business Forum).

Karolina Wigura

Taking emotions seriously. On empathy and politics.

talk with Q&A following / moderated by Marta Keil

Enemies of democracy have always manipulated feelings. Yet what we need today is a passionate defense of liberal democracy and the liberal order. We also need to embrace the feeling of loss and translate it into something positive and enriching, into a feeling about political community: empathy.

Karolina Wigura is a sociologist, historian of ideas, and journalist. She is member of the Kultura Liberalna Foundation Board and assistant professor at Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. She studied philosophy, sociology, and political science at the University of Warsaw and Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich. In 2016–2018he co-directed “Knowledge Bridges: Poland—Britain—Europe” at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. She publishes in The New York Times, Foreign Policy, The Journal of Democracy, The Neue Zürcher Zeitung, taz, The Guardian, and many other press outlets. Most recently, she has co-edited a collection of texts about Poland's politics after 2015: "The End of The Liberal Mind: Poland's New Politics".

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