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Aula Artis
Renegade Schwarze Katze performance

Elena Friso, Denis Kuhnert, Peter Sowinski, Eugen Ulrich,Paul Hess

Pascal Nanko

Malou Airaudo

choreographers assistant 
Flix Bürkle

Niko Moddenborg


Dance from North Rhine-Westphalia

Following years’ long collaboration within the European Dancehouse Network, at the invitation of Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Stary Browar will become the principal centre of the dance program of the season in Poland. Throughout October will we host in Poznań a large number of performances and art projects involving Polish and German artists.

Three break dancers, two classic dancers and one european flatland BMX racing champion meet in this choreography by Malou Airaudo, longtime solo dancer in Pina Bausch´s ensemble. This crossover production is built completely upon the personalities of the performers; it creates imagery oscillating between silent poetics and nearly undamped dynamics. This energetic and smooth arc is being accompanied by a rousing musical mix ranging from chanson to metal. This play is pure, reduced to dance and the personalities of the dancers. It does not need any explanations nor a script, nor a cat’s collar. “Schwarze Katze” (black cat) is the fancy cat in the off scene.

“The result is a moody meeting of movement styles that pushes the dancers into each other’s realms. To a soundtrack that skips from chanson to Slipknot, Malou Airaudo uses the group’s impressive Bboy skills as isolated statements rather than rabble-rousing entertainment, with the emphasis on personalities and human contact.”

Lyndsey Wynship, Time Out (2010)

Renegade realizes free theatre productions with international partners, dancers, choreographers and cultural institutions – with an emphasis on streetart. Most pieces deal with life models of the young generation. The realization uses various forms of streetart (like graffiti and VJing), of breakdance and modern stage dance. Classicly educated dancers and some of Germany’s best street dancers join on stage in Renegade productions.
As far as directing and cheoreography are concerned, Renegade regularly works together with young talented artists like Frenchman Lorca Renoux as well as praised freelance choreographers like Samir Akika or Malou Airaudo. Renegade was awarded at Theaterzwang NRW 2004, won the Herald Angel 2004, the Guardians Best Physical Theatre Award 2004 and the Fringe First 2004.

Founded in Herne in 2003, Renegade immediately managed to gain a place in the European off-theater scene with its first project, “Rumble”, a HipHop interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet”. After much acclaimed victories at NRW Theaterzwang 2004 and the international Fringe Festival 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the crew started touring through Europe and joined the Harare Festival in Simbabwe, Africa. The following productions “41” (2004), “Messias” (“Messiah”, 2005), “Cage” (2006) and “Extended Teenage Era – E.T.E.” (2007) focused on the approach to life of the second and third generation of immigrants – a world dominated by boredom, lack of perspective and rage. Stylisticly, these productions were positioned between modern dance, breakdance and HipHop, between acting and audio-visual experiments.

While “E.T.E.” went on tour to India and the Middle East, the first dance-only production of Renegade was developed in cooperation with choreographer Malou Airado from Wuppertal: “Schwarze Katze” (“black cat”, 2008). In the same year, the production “Crayfish” drew a collage-like portrait of the history and lifestyle of HipHop. In 2005, after co-founder Markus Michalowski had moved to Australia, Zekai Fenerci took over complete resposibility for Renegade. Since then, Michalowski has been in Renegade’s freelance pool of directors and choreographers to which Samir Akika and Malou Airaudo belong as well.