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Luca Giacomo Schulte Rosenzeit - A solo for Ornella Balestra

concept, production, direction 
Luca Giacomo Schulte

Ornella Balestra

60 min.

14.05.2009 tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

A chamber piece with songs and poetry from throughout centuries, tell of love, hope, solitude, death and the joy of life, illustrating the timelessness of emotions. Ornella Balestra, former soloist at Maurice Béjart's Ballet du Vingtième Siècle and since 2003 performing with the Raimund Hoghe Company, interprets these songs, appearing almost to sing them with her body. Through the intimacy of these stories, the spectator is linked with European cultural history as Rosenzeit charts a path between highs and lows of emotion, through a vocabulary of classical dance, avant-garde and visual arts.

Luca Giacomo Schulte completed a degree in fine arts at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf/Münster (Germany). His work was presented in several exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Norway and Sweden. Since 1992 he is artistic collaborator of the internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Raimund Hoghe. With Rosenzeit, the Düsseldorf based artist is presenting his first full length featured work for theatre. As a choreographer his particular interest is in combining the connection of dance and visual arts as one and redifining their initial meanings.

Ornella Balestra studied classical dance in Turin (Italy), at the Royal Ballet School (London) and ‘La Scala’ in Milan. She performed as soloist in Maurice Béjart‘s Ballet du Vingtìème Siècle. Returning to Italy at age 24, she continued to work with Italian choreographers, performing in major theatres and festivals across Italy. Her international career gained new momentum when she began collaborating with Raimund Hoghe. She was a leading dancer in his pieces "Tanzgeschichten" (German Producers Award 2003), "Swan Lake, 4 Acts" (2005), "Boléro Variations"(2007) and "Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert" (2010). The pieces are performed all over Europe in Canada, North and South America.