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Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau Pole Reports from Space PREMIERE

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Old Brewery New Dance

Concept and choreography
Claire Croizé i Etienne Guilloteau

Co-created and performed by:
Justyna Kalbarczyk i Krystyna Lama Szydlowska

With music of:
Polish Radio Experimental Studio

Anne-Catherine Kunz

ECCE / Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

Supported by:
Norwegian Artistic Research Program- Norwegian Theater Academy Østfold University College

photo: K. Wodiczko

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In Pole Reports from Space, Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau venture into unexplored territory: together with Justyna Kalbarczyk and Krystyna Lama Szydlowska, the choreographers tackle the music of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. Between the 60s and 80s, composers such as Eugeniusz Rudnik, Elzbieta Sikora and Tomasz Sikorski developed bold and visionary electronic music with a covert subversive message in this studio, under the nose of the communist regime. Pole Reports from Space refers to a work by Rudnik that processes sound recordings of cosmonauts into a unique soundscape. Futurism and utopia, old school Soviet science fiction, activism and progress-oriented thinking are key concepts that inspire Claire and Etienne to create an equally daring choreography that plays with the presence and absence of the body in electronic music.

This co-production with the Art Stations Foundation is a commission from Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM) as part of the multi-annual programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017–2022.

The project is created by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the NIEPODLEGŁA,
the international cultural programme celebrating the centenary of Poland regaining independence.
Financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the multi-annual programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017–2022.

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