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Studio Słodownia +3
Jérôme Bel Pichet Klunchun i ja performance

14.06.2007 / 19:00 / Studio Słodownia +3

A renown French conceptual choreographer, Jérôme Bel and Thai "Khon" dancer, Pichet Klunchun met in Bangkok in 2005. The clash of two completely different approaches towards dance - extremely traditional and strictly contemporary - resulted in the show Pichet Klunchun and me. Two artists stand face to face on an empty stage. They know nothing about each other, or their dancing practice, but are trying to get to know one another despite the cultural divisions.

Through sophisticated and funny dialogue, Jérôme Bel and Pichet Klunchun discuss their understanding of the body and dance, as well as their attitude towards tradition and modernity. Pretending to improvise a conversation full of questions, answers and practical demonstrations, the dancers create a kind of an onstage report on their choreographing practice and collaboration. The success of this in a way documentary performance stems merely from the meeting of two excellent artist, who come from such different cultures, but nevertheless share a sense of humour, sensitivity and a great open-mindedness.

Absolute perfection

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