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Studio Słodownia +3
Saša Asentić my private biopolitics performance

author and performer 
Saša Asentić

Olivera Kovacevic-Crnjanski

theoretical support and dramaturgy 
Ana Vujanovic


The performance is part of the INDIGO DANCE research-artistic dance project

This work deals with its own macro and micro conditions in which it appears… First to make these visible due to the specification of mechanisms and procedures of the production of dance in Serbia. Second, to intervene. This leads to a series of questions which are left without uniform answers. Finally these questions, in their complexity, become the main intervention which this work is trying to carry out.

The questions spring from the problem of positioning within relations of global and local bio-powers and bio-politics of dance in Serbia today. How to locate "one's own (private and public) specificum"? And what is to be done with it - bearing in mind the tensions between local ideologies and global expectations?

Saša Asentić (1977) is involved in projects that were either politically inspired or culturally and socially motivated as well as artistically based (re)actions on the current situation in transitional society and performing arts scene.

His interest is in re-thinking / experiencing (performer’s) state of “I am…” through de-sedimentation and understanding of actual reality through artistic / social / political (re)actions.

Individually or together with his colleagues, he has initiated and organized several international and collaborative performing arts projects (workshops, seminars, festivals, etc) within last six years. These projects were based on the idea to improve the performing arts scene, to establish the collaborative interdisciplinary work, to develop the role of art in social transformation, explore phenomena of transitional age in Serbian society, etc.

These efforts resulted in better communication, exchange, production, etc among the organizations and individuals in the region of ex-Yu. He is taking part in work of regional social and political initiatives and networks of Centre for Regionalism (Igman Initiative and Civil Dialogue) contributing to its cultural sector. He has autodidactic informal education in the field of performing arts. He has studied Agriculture and Pedagogy at University in Novi Sad, Serbia.