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Performing V4 - Biennial of VARP-PA Residents

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Márta Ladjánszki JOSHA on tour: Praga

director, choreographer 
Márta Ladjánszki (Hungary)

Joanna Leśnierowska (Poland)

Zsolt Varga (Hungary)

lighting designer 
Tomáš Morávek (Czech Republic)

costume design 
Butterfly/Manier-Anikó Németh (Hungary)

L1 Association / Art Stations Foundation

supported by 
Artists in Residence Programm at fabrik Potsdam and VARP-PA 2012

special thanks to 
Jánosa Kókai (Hungary), Zsolta Koroknai (Hungary), Edit Kozár (Hungary)

With kind support of Freihandelszone - Ensemblenetzwerk Köln

MartaLadjanszki JOSHA cEditKozar2

The performer’s minimal and repetitive moves are precise and meaningful, (...) She’s totally present with her body. Her honesty is brave and compelling, ’cause being yourself on stage is the hardest thing ever. Imagine: no role and costumes to hide behind and what shakes on your body, cruelly shakes now. A moving performance it was by all means. (Emese Kovács)

his mono drama performed with the language of dance elegantly marks only a subtitle or genre: ‘portrait’. Márta Ladjánszki’s piece shows the performer in a really simple way, yet staying dramatically behind informality. If we concentrate on the performer, Márta Ladjánszki made a stylistically and intellectually unified choreography. Her simplicity and intimacy, how she stays in the background as a creator is much braver, than fighting with Josha on the frontline. (Glória Halász)

Márta Ladjánszki is an independent choreographer and dancer based in Budapest. She is forever inspired by the body – its inner life and expression through movement. The artist believes that eve-ryone contributes to the world the wealth of their uniqueness (both physical and spiritual) and she always makes this uniqueness the focus of her performances.

Joanna Leśnierowska is a dramaturge, critic, dance curator and performer. Since 2004 she has been in charge of the Old Brewery New Dance project. She is also works as a dramaturge for and consultant to a number of Polish and international artists, including Janusz Orlik, Renata Piotrowska, Arkadi Zaides, Minimetal and Lia Haraki. In September 2011 she made her choreo-graphic debut with the performance “Reconstruction”.

Zsolt Varga is a Hungarian composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound and movement artist. Start-ing out as a saxophonist he played improvised music with the Budapest based MCLoecky and the Bálványos Ensemble. Today he plays in one of the best Hungarian free jazz big bands, the McRibbentrop Trio. He also collaborates with Márta Ladjánszki creating music for and performing in her shows.

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