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Studio Słodownia +3
Kacper Lipiński ime-ektasi peformance

choreographed, directed and performed by
Kacper Lipiński

Bartłomiej Frank

ime-ektasi (palingenesis)

"... after another conflict he withdrew towards the inner-self... further than anyone before him. The withdrawal was determined by an utmost courage. All anchors were detached, memories lost their power. All these surrounding possession witch-doctors, have lost their magic... Anyway, no one noticed the withdrawal...

Drowning in truth, wading in lies to the very core – to the heart, diving in hypocrisy, chocking with love, swimming in anger, jumping into the depth of friendship... I desire to become water."

The spectacle appears to be closest to autobiography, though, limited to the period of youth. It also resembles literary stories of artistic maturing in some aspects... And it isn't only because of the Dancer's youth. (...) The spectacle contains an artistic credo, perhaps a bud of a manifesto – the key word ''now'' plaited into the musical layer of the performance. It stresses the need to realize the ''now''. The ''now'' enables us to intensively experience each moment and not let it escape. It enables us to taste each moment before it passes.

Anna Koczorowska,

Kacper Lipiński born in ‘79. He started his dance history with a course for teachers of contemporary dance completed in 2003. Before he was a martial art. instructor . He was studying art history at University of Poznan for 4 years. In a meantime he stared to work as a designer (graphics, interior decoration, theatre set designs) and that is why he dropped university to study at Fine Arts academy in Poznan. Since 2004 he is improving his skills and dances in shows of Polish Dance Theatre (he took part i.e. in En face, Desordre, Szparagijem, Przypadki Pana von K., Carpe Diem, Walka karnawału z postem, Apokalypsa i Gra2). Today he works both as designer and dancer/perfromer trying to join in his work movement and fine arts. Solo IME- EKTASI is his choreographic debut , also a first independent work as a director and set designer.

So what about Polish dance? is a series of performances presenting to local audience only Polish dance artists (especially those never performing in Poznan yet) with an aim in sketching actual dance map of Poland. Through watching performances and after-show talks with artists and open discusions, the series is defining problems Polish dance community is facing nowadays as well as raising questions about Polish dance's condition and future.

One of the crucial parts of So what about Polish dance? is a wish to inspire and encourage local artists to their own artistic research and gather around Stary Browar a number of young artists making Poznan's dance community able to put a visible mark on a dance map of our country. Thus we hope the opening performance of this season series - the show by Kacper Lipinski, a dancer of Polish Dance Theatre - will become an invitation for other artists to take over Studio Słodownia +3 and start here other Poznan's dance performances/projects.