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Studio Słodownia +3
mufmi teatr tańca Gemini / Gemini_After spektakl

creation and performance 
Anna Piotrowska i Patrycja Piotrowska-Dońska

"In their physical spectacle, the female choreographers created a strong, theatrical portrait of two women connected by a quasi-irremovable relation. This peculiar tandem seduces the audience with a charming, bodily dialogue, in which the movements – constantly changing their climate and their intensity – surprise the spectators. They simultaneously evoke the feelings of harmony and distance. The dancers' cooperation is never predictable. The twins create a very specific language with the help of physical interaction. They try to tell a story of their constant rebellions and struggles. They intend not to lose the contact with the physical space and with the audience."

Ide van Heiningen, Marta Tripsovska, Mándy Ildikó, Fenyes Márk

Solo & Duo International Dance Festival award winners (Budapest). The spectacle was honored by the Scena Prezentacji (the Presentation Scene) jury during the 14th Międzynarodowe Prezentacje Współczesnych Form Tanecznych (International Contemporary Dance Forms Presentations) in Kalisz. The jurors awarded Gemini for ''the embodiment of emotions and thoughts through dance in a spectacle''

So what about Polish dance? is a series of performances presenting to local audience only Polish dance artists (especially those never performing in Poznan yet) with an aim in sketching actual dance map of Poland. Through watching performances and after-show talks with artists and open discusions, the series is defining problems Polish dance community is facing nowadays as well as raising questions about Polish dance's condition and future.

One of the crucial parts of So what about Polish dance? is a wish to inspire and encourage local artists to their own artistic research and gather around Stary Browar a number of young artists making Poznan's dance community able to put a visible mark on a dance map of our country. Thus we hope the opening performance of this season series - the show by Kacper Lipinski, a dancer of Polish Dance Theatre - will become an invitation for other artists to take over Studio Słodownia +3 and start here other Poznan's dance performances/projects.