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Barbara Berti / Lea Kieffer + Michael Shapira / Claire Vivianne Sobottke Evening WITH TANZTAGE BERLIN

Barbara Berti


PERFORMANCE Barbara Berti, Sunniva Vikør Egenes

COSTUME Barbara Berti

SUPPORTED BY Tanztage Berlin / Sophiensæle



Lea Kieffer + Michael Shapira

CHOREOGRAPHY, PERFORMANCE Lea Kieffer & Michael Shapira

MUSIC Manon Parent

COSTUME Lea Kieffer

SUPPORTED BY Tanztage Berlin / Sophiensæle THANKS TO James Peachy



Concept / idea: Claire Vivanne Sobottke

Music: Tian Rotteveel

choreography/ performance: Claire Vivianne Sobottke /Tian Rotteveel

additional music: Rachmanninov , opus 29, the isle of the dead

special thanks to : anders, jared, angela, jule, annie, agata, papa, heleen matou, peter, arianne, the coaching group, jan schlotterli, maman, anu, uferstudios, hzt-­‐berlin.



Barbara Berti

Barbara Beti 1 Foto Stephan Roehl2

A streaming communication, based on an emotional physical intellectual system, where I raise the question of what is possible for the public/viewer and the performer to percieve out from their heads; behind movements, expressions and words. An exploration research is parallell developed for understanding how fast this communication is and which effect it can have on the body/mind.
The exploration is started with a dog and observed and communicated with, for some weeks. Then moved into another stage, with no dog presence, finding some materials that came from the absence of the dog and the memory of how we interacted with it.

“We are two, sometime we become three, or many, sometimes we become the public, or even one feeling, or a plant, the tree in winter under the snow, in this space full of things, crowded and fat in a communication system, constantly flowing through the present and the past that we experienced and are still experiencing. Focus on the immediate situation and the physical relationships that are present. Working with improvisation to animate a subtle interaction between the dancers’ bodies and audience, always open to shifts and changes in any moment, or how time determines the moment. The mind and the body look for feelings and stretch themselves around their own and public wishes, as well by their effects, thought the past that we lived together. ‘Do you follow me?!…’ the one which contains memories.”


Barbara Berti rooted her career in graphic design, photography and illustration, studying at Salesiani, Bologna. Following eight years in the graphic design for advertising sector; then in Dance, Opus Ballet (Florence) and Physical Theatre , Galante Garrone (Bologna). Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, she currently bases herself in the cultural carnival, Berlin. Here, she works on her own choreographic projects and collaborates with dance and theatre artists.

Lea Kieffer + Michael Shapira

Shapira und Kieffer2 Foto Michael Rowsome2


LEA KIEFFER is a performer/ dance-maker whose work focuses on improvisation, the practice of wildness and contact improvisation. She combines a deep interest in physical challenges and rigorous physical work with imagery. She is a nomad artist performing and teaching in Europe and overseas.


MICHAEL SHAPIRA'S passion for Contact Improvisation has led him to study improvisation, which remains his main field of practice. In 2013 he received the Tanzstipendium from the Culture Administration of Berlin, and his solo Glorious George The Jewish Gargoyle, created in colaboration with Lea Kieffer, won the first prize at the solo contest in the Gdansk Dance Festival.


"Dry Love is a drive towards glory. A quest for two heroes. We imagine characters, situations and sensations, and let them feed our physical work. We create and map our own world of experience by engaging in a range of scores, including Contact duets, side-coached solo work, rituals and dialogues. In this frame of work a series of improvised episodes emerges." -Lea Kieffer + Michael Shapira


Claire Vivianne Sobottke

golden gamea

Golden Game is a collaboration of Claire Vivianne Sobottke and Tian Rotteveel on uncontrolled spaces of childhood and the body of desire. It is a catapult to childhood, to its raw emotional landscapes and the uncontrolled amplitudes emotions can have. Of the fact that children are being thrown into a world of emotions and communication without understanding them, and even to become their only means to express and connect to the concrete and abstract world. It’s a research dedicated to curiosity and playfulness, cancelling assumptions and learned behavior. It explores naïve embodiment as a detector of the symptoms in the world. It explores a body that is driven by raw desires and sensations, constantly pulled into various directions, a body not stable, but a becoming. Open the ability to enjoy transformation and having an inconsistent identity, a playable one. 

Playing physical-, word-, and mind games, with the joy of being watched playing. It understands the performer as a desiring and inventive machine incapable of not reacting to the present.


Claire Vivianne Sobottke (F/G) understands the stage as a place of resistance, a place to change and challenge the norms of contact and as a possibility to defend and rethink the human body. She studied acting in the Universität der Künste in Berlin, but has been working in very different contexts and collaborations. In 2014 she is supported with a scholarship from Berliner Senat. 2013 she was recipient of the DanceWEB scholarship at the ImPulsTanz Festival, Vienna.

Tian Rotteveel (NL) studied music composition at the Royal Conservatory of Holland and is currently finishing the HZT BA study in Berlin where he commits to making works where movement and sound are means what can turn into meaning but also into mere sensation. Tian collaborated with MAE-Orchestra, Jeremy Wade, Diego Gil, Tino Sehgal, David Zambrano and others,