Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3

Tickets price 20zł and 15zł (students fare) available at Stary Browar information points and online at


concept Anna Nowicka

creation Burkhard Körner, Aleksandra Osowicz, Weronika Pelczyńska

dramaturgy Eleonora Zdebiak

music Wojtek Urbański

costumes Tanja Padan / Kiss the future

visualities Aleksandra Osowicz

in dialogue with Bonnie Buckner

production Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

with the support of VARP – PA – Fundusz Wyszehradzki,
L1 association (HU), Hayka design store, Centrum w Ruchu, Fundacja Burdąg

premieré 30 stycznia 2016 / Studio Słodownia +3


Financed with funds from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

dream states stany wysnione fot Aleksandra Osowicz

As you focus your attention on the words you are reading, you are slowly beginning to relax. Your body is getting warmer and heavier. You feel your feet resting on the floor, your arms resting on your legs, your torso resting on your pelvis, your head resting on your neck. The weight of your whole, relaxed body is releasing into the ground. All what obstructs you, all what distracts you, all that bothers you is exiting your body and returning into the ground. With every word you read, you go deeper. You go deeper and deeper. And deeper. You release into the elusive world of flittering images that emerge in front of your eyes. With your eyes open, you begin to dream.