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Call for Applications for the Grażyna Kulczyk Contemporary Choreography Research Grant for 2016

Wnioski o przyznanie Stypendium na rok 2016 przyjmowane będą
od 1 do 30  września 2015 roku.

Wnioski z dopiskiem „stypendium Grażyny Kulczyk 2016” prosimy nadsyłać pocztą tradycyjną lub/i drogą mailową na adres aplikacje@

Beneficjent/tka Stypendium Badawczego Grażyny Kulczyk na rok 2016 zostanie wyłoniony/a 
do 15 grudnia 2015 roku.


Ewentualne pytania prosimy kierować do Joanny Leśnierowskiej: 

Call for Applications for the Grażyna Kulczyk Contemporary Choreography Research Grant for 2016

As of 1 September, Art Station Foundation is accepting applications for the Grażyna Kulczyk Contemporary Choreography Research Grant for 2016. Applications can be submitted until the end of September.

True to the Art Station Foundation motto, i.e. “Art Doesn’t Need Support, ARTISTS DO!”, and the 50/50 concept that combines artistic and educational activities, Grażyna Kulczyk has decided to award an annual grant of twenty-five thousand zlotys.

Aleksandra Borys, last year’s beneficiary of the Grażyna Kulczyk Grant, spent the past year at a university in London researching the links between choreography and astronomy. From 18 to 20 September, Aleksandra will conduct a laboratory during which she will share the results of her research, and propose exercises inspired by movement qualities achieved in a state beyond gravity. Admission to the laboratory is free, however, applications to take part must be sent to us by 14 September.

The mission of the grant founder is to emphasise the importance and necessity of in-depth research in the field of contemporary choreography that will result in innovative approaches and methodologies to enhance not only choreographic practice, but also the relevant reflection. Joanna Leśnierowska, curator of the Old Brewery New Dance programme, believes that the “grant expresses a belief that development in the field of choreographic art is a complex and long-term process that requires regular and comprehensive support, whilst artistic advancement is achieved by way of experimenting, intellectual growth and (self-)reflection.”

The grant aims to promote the projects of those artists and researchers who, similarly to the founder, are ready to take creative risks, to set new paths, and to see choreographic art in the context of the reality which surrounds, and who also want to explore (and formulate) original strategies, solutions and methodologies, both in their choreographic practice and theoretical reflections.

The intention of awarding the grant is not only to invest in the development of its holders, but also to expand the general knowledge about the latest phenomena in choreographic art. Hence the material effect of the grant (and a prerequisite for receiving it) should always entail the sharing of its results with a wider audience, including the professional milieu and theatregoers. This can take on the traditional form of publications, performances, interviews, workshops etc. as well as innovative proposals developed during the activities funded by the grant.

Applications for the Grażyna Kulczyk Grant for 2016 will be accepted from 1 to 30 September 2015.

More information about the grant and its regulations can be found on the Art Station Foundation website: .