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Joanna Leśnierowska BLUR on tour: Berlin

At DOCK11 blur will be presented on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September 2017 at 7pm.
DOCK11 Studios is located at Kastanienallee 79 in Berlinie (map).


Joanna Leśnierowska

performed by
Aleksandra Borys

set & costume design
Michiel Keuper

Joanna Leśnierowska
(with research input by Jan Maertens)

sound & technical realization
Łukasz Kędzierski

voice coaching
Katarzyna Sitarz

graphic design
Michał Łuczak

Joanna Leśnierowska

Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk

with support of
wpZimmer Antwerp
Visegrad Artist Residency Program for Performing Arts  (VARP-PA)

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Although the principle of ‘blur’ has been introduced into the tradition of European painting already by da Vinci’s sfumato-technique, it is however only after Gerhard Richter (in whose work the phenomenon of out-of-focus and hazy images took such a dominant role) that the blurred surface has become one of central motives in both figurative and abstract paintings as well as photography and post-photography of nowadays. Artists employ the means of blurring intentionally, in different combinations, and following different conceptual and technical strategies. Blurred surfaces, dissolving contours, hazy appearances, indistinct motifs in a state between apparition and dissolution, chaotic accumulation and constant overdose of equally important and unimportant details, dispersed visions and meanings, and aspects of color and composition brought to the fore – with all this in mind, we entered the studio to examine possibility of ‘blur’ in the context of body and choreography.

The research for the solo has been developed with an input by artists of different disciplines. Together, we have searched for translation of ‘blur’ into all levels of a stage performance. ‘Blurred’ we understood literally – as something ‘out-of shape’ or ‘unable to keep one shape/form’, but first of all metaphorically – as visual and physical representation of an emotional and mental state in which we are being deprived of previously recognized and generally accepted point(s) of reference, and, both on a micro and macro level, constantly exposed to fragmented reality made of data of all sorts: bits and scratches of images, sounds and (post) information sunk in noise and echoes of ideas and ideologies.

 “blur” is another chapter of “Exercises in Looking” – a practice of perceiving and thinking with images initiated with a trio “…(rooms by the sea)”, 2014. Stemming from my interest in contemporary painting and (post) photography, it’s inspired by its theory and artistic strategies, and examines a possibility of restitution of the gaze in the context of the stage.

Joanna Leśnierowska - It is since 2003 when, parallel to her work as dance writer and curator, Joanna has developed an independent practice as dramaturge and performance maker and often also light designer for her own works and works of other Polish and international artists. Holding MA in theatre science ( Jagiellonian University in Cracow) she was one of the first professional dance writers for leading Polish theatre journals, published on Polish dance abroad and lectured at the universities of Poznan and Cracow. In 2004 she has created first in Poland regular dance space/choreographic development center within Art Stations Foundation in Poznań ( where she  continuously supports development of Polish dance artists.

In 2003-2009 Joanna co-created Towarzystwo Gimnastyczne (performance collective and association) within which she conceived and performed 3 full evening works: “whatever you wish” (2003) “Foreignlanguages-ness” (2005) and “NOTHING” (2007). She worked with Arkadi Zaides, Lia Haraki, Márta Ladjánszki, Jurij Konjar, Janusz Orlik, Renata Piotrowska and Maria Stokłosa a.o. In 2011 she created her first fully-own performance, Reconstruction. In 2013 she worked with Janusz Orlik on Insight, which was awarded the Best Choreography prize at the Polish Dance Platform in 2014. In January 2014 she premiered her trio  “...(rooms by the sea). From the series Exercises in Looking”. In 20015/2016 she conceived an run an exchange The Yanka Rudzka Project between Polish and Salvador (Brasil) dance communities. Following artistic ideas of lately discovered Polish choreographer, it brought  together dancers/choreographers into creative dialogue fueled by the traditional culture/dances of both countries. One of main outcomes of the project was premiere of group choreography “Semente”  at VIVADANÇA festival in Salvador (April 2016). 

Aleksandra Borys - art and science artists, working in a filed of art, choreography, video, installations, photography, walking art, ecology, astronomy, anatomy, space science. Graduate of MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins- University of the Arts in London and BA Dance/Performer Codarts – University of Arts in Rotterdam, Holland. Since 2014 exploring relation of human body, Earth and Universe in scientific and cultural level. Working with video art that portraits embodiment of events and theories, works include short films: „9,81* states of attempts”2015, „ „Selfportret” 2013, „Unisono” 2013. Combining choreographic approach to create installations that offer physical experience of connectivity, cause and effect relation, and bring our physicality of scientific concepts, works include: „SpaceSnake” 2016, „Movementscape” 2015, „Air Mapping” 2013, „A2C+CA2+C2A” 2012. Choreographic works orbit around movement research,  physical possibilities and functionality of human body in various environments offering kinetic experience, works include: „Unisono”2013, „bezsens- an action painting”2012, „Double-re-act” 2010; „Lost in Details” 2010 / with the work was invited for Jardin prix d’europe 2011 as one of 15 emerging choreographers during the eXplore festival in Bucharest, was chosen for the Aerowaves Priority List 2012, and as a one of 12 works for Polish Dance Platform 2012. In 2015 received The Research Scholarship from Grazyna Kulczyk for art and science research; received a grant “Mloda Polska 2014” for her research on walking art; resident/ scholar of SPAZIO program 2013-2014; scholar of DanceWeb 2011 at ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna; scholar of Tour d’Europe des Chorégraphes in 2010/2011; holder of Scholarship of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 2010.

Michiel Keuper - graduated in fashion design from ArtEz the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (NL). With his fashion label Keupr/van Bentm he presented his collections during Paris Fashion Week for several years and his work was covered internationally in numerous publications. His autonomous fashion work has been included in museum collections and has been exhibited in the USA, UK, Japan, Italy and France. Alongside working as a freelance designer, he has been teaching fashion design at BA and MA courses in the Netherlands and Germany and since last year also in Poznan’s School of Form. Lately he has extended his work to fine arts, performance and art direction. Recently he has worked with Meg Stuart, Peter Pleyer, Julian Weber, Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham, Lea Moro, Martin Nachbar, Antonija Livingstone, Sheena McGrandles, Jeremy Wade, Miguel Gutierrez, Hana Lee Erdman.

Presentations possible thanks to support of Polish Institute Berlin.

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