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For Each Gesture Another Character

17/01 - 4/05

Art Stations gallery


Magda ptasznik fot. Katarzyna Szu Szugajew6

Magdalena Ptasznik -  performer, choreographer, graduate of School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and Sociology at Warsaw University. She started her dance and performance practice in Warsaw where she studied with Anna Godowska and participated in many workshops. In 2007 she obtained a diploma of Contemporary Dance Instructor (Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury, Warszawa). In 2010 and 2011 she did a choreographic internships with La Ribot and Meg Stuart. In 2011 she received the danceWEB scholarship which take place in the frame of ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna. She is the author of mainly solo works ( eg. “exercises for a Hero”, “secrets”). Nowadays constantly on the way, without home. She thinks about choreography as a tool for facilitating creation of different experience of time and space. She considers the body as a vehicle of this experience.