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24.11.2006 - 31.01.2007

Jan Berdyszak - works 1960-2006 EXHIBITION

exhibition: 24.11.2006 - 31.01.2007
Studio Słodownia +3

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Jan Beryszak, a Poznań-based artist has been developing his works for almost fifty years now, focusing mainly on issues related to image, space, integration with surroundings, photography or theater symptoms in art and life.

Poznań audience could witness a great review of the rich and diverse output of this artist. The works of Jan Berdyszak were presented in five galleries simultaneously: Galeria Miejska "Arsenał", Galeria Stary Browar, Galeria Piekary, ON and Szyperska. The travel from one gallery to another gradually disclosed the image of this deeply reflective art which is often surprising with the diversity of techniques applied, means of expression and materials used. The viewers had a chance to see both works created at the beginning of his artistic journey, and the latest realizations, prepared especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition at Old Brewery, which had a retrospective character, used all the available space in the interior of the Gallery and Słodownia. The viewers could see works showing the issues that vexed the artist in consecutive decades. The presentation was not strictly time-based, it was rather focused on confronting the older works with the recent ones, hence the output dating back to the 1960s met with the projects of the last decade.

The entire exhibition aimed not only at presenting the flagship works of Jan Berdyszak, but also at showing less known projects, which open the way towards considering the artist's performance from the beginning. What seems vital, is also the chance to look at Berdyszak's oeuvre through the prism of new analytical problems posed by the authors of texts prepared especially for the album that accompanied the exhibition.