Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Exhibition program focuses on presenting the most significant and intriguing trends in contemporary art. Its mission is to foster the development and promotion of an interdisciplinary and vibrant dialog between artists, art critics, scholars, and the general public.

The Art Stations Foundation Program is inspired by objects from the private Grażyna Kulczyk Collection. Its major focus is innovative juxtapositions of Polish and foreign contemporary art, they illustrate the newest artistic trends, as well as those in esthetic and theoretic exploration; here, too, new exhibitions and the dialogs about art they engage in are more often than not rooted in the Collection.

The formula for selecting works to exhibit on the premises of the Art Stations Gallery is based on a bold promotion of contemporary art, one that breaks all stereotypes, especially when it comes to its reception. Therefore, Art Stations actively promotes new, bold and open curatorial strategies, and sees them as an important part of its operation.

Art Stations ambitiously seeks to constantly enhance the vibrant artistic life in the Stary Browar Center, and to facilitate meetings and direct confrontations between the public and works by many renowned domestic and foreign artists. The implementation of these objectives is possible in large part thanks to the role of Art Stations as a promoter of culture in the public and commercial space of Stary Browar; the presentation of large-sized sculptures and installations outside the gallery building is an example of this very role. A direct dialog with a broad spectrum of art-loving audiences and the mission of promoting knowledge about contemporary art are among the major elements of the Art Stations Foundation Exhibition Program.

Each exhibition is accompanied by a rich educational program, which consists of the guided, children's workshops, meetings for seniors, lectures and film screenings.