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28.04.2016 - 29.04.2016
Teatro do Movimento - Escola de Dança da UFBA

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Yanka Rudzka - betwenn history and tracec of memory SEMINARIUM

Project financed with funds from Adam Mickiewicz Institute

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Yanka Rudzka photo Silvio Robato 6

Another key part of the project will include a two-day seminar dedicated to Yanka Rudzka, which will make a wider Brazilian audience familiar with the work of the Polish artist, present the research results, and provide a context for the Polish performances and the choreography created under the project. As part of the wider collaboration project between the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Art Stations Foundation and the Vivadança Festival, the seminar will aim to analyse the biography of Yanka Rudzka, a Polish artist who lived in Brazil in the 1950s, and had an undeniable effect on the emerging Brazilian contemporary dance, but whose individual story remains largely unknown, as do to the details of her work. The seminar will look at Yanka Rudzka’s life from the wider perspective of dance in the 1950s as well as any traces of how she has been remembered.

Seminar programme

28th of April 2016 / 9.00am
Poland and Bahia – The history of a dancer between two worlds
Participants: professor Lucia Mattos (Federal University of Bahia UFBA), professor Maria Claudia Alves Guimarães (Federal University of Pernambucko)

28th of April 2016 / 10:00 am
The traces of memory – Some words about Yanka
Participants: professor Lia Robatto (Federal University of Bahia UFBA), professor Maciej Rożalski (Federal University Recôncavo CECULT UFRB)

29th of April 2016 / 9.00am
Expressionist dance in Poland and Brazil
Participants: professor Carmen Paternostro (Federal University of Bahia UFBA), Anna Królica (Polska), professor Martha Saback (Federal University of Bahia UFBA)

29th of April 2016 / 10.00am
The legacy of Yanka Rudzka for contemporary dance in Bahia
Participants: professor Lia Robatto (Federal University of Bahia UFBA), professor Dulce Aquino (Federal University of Bahia UFBA), professor Beth Rangel (Federal University of Bahia UFBA)

29th of April 2016 / 11.00am
Erudite and Popular - Avant garde in Bahia
Participants: Professor Antônio Risério

The seminar will be led by Maciej Rożalski PhD, Federal University of Recôncavo (CECULT UFRB).


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