Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Studio Słodownia +3
Bretoncaffe Theatre Topinambur performance

script, direction, work with process 
Sławomir Krawczyński

based on the work with process, under the direction of Anna Godowska, in cooperation with Anita Wach

Anna Godowska, Anita Wach, Łukasz Lewandowski

music, remixes 
Daniel Radtke, Dominik Strycharski


Ewa Garniec

Lech Rowiński, Sławomir Krawczyński, Jarosław Sadkowski

Stowarzyszenie Scena 96, Teatr Wytwórnia, Teatr Bretoncaffe

Festiwal Re:wizje, Fundacja Ciało/Umysł

A story about a moment which would have passed as many others, if it hadn’t been captured by an accidental look.

In innumerable instances what happens to us is forgotten. We keep in mind things which we consider important – the rest remains as incomprehensible fragments of images. We know their shapes but their inside is unknown. Our performance constitutes an attempt to touch the surface of one such an inconspicuous event in which we, suddenly affected by the elusive impulses, begin to experience a life latent in us and travel across the matrix of our memory. It is also an attempt to grasp our imagination and dreams, which may come into being as a result of an accidental encounter and look. An impersonal moment from the outside and an unusual world in the inside.

The performance combines different forms of expression: contemporary dance, movement, acting, music and videos. All those means are subordinated to the idea of amplifying the diverse internal experiences such as memories, associations and dreams. Working on Topinambur the group continued its research on the technique of a dreaming body started in 2004. With this production actors attempted again to implement and develop Arnold Mindell’s method in dance and theater.

Topinambur - a name of a plant that came to Europe from South America and a title of one of the songs from the performance.

Bretoncaffe Theater was founded in 2001 in Warsaw by three artists, who in their work combine contemporary dance/movement, acting, dance and music: Anna Godowska, Sławomir Krawczyński and Dominik Strycharski. In 2003 the group welcomed a new member – Anita Wach. Bretoncaffe perceives dance as the totality of things that involve working with the body, where the body is treated as a medium for psychological contents. Dance and acting coexist in natural harmony as they constitute two aspects of one and the same process – physical manifestation of mental phenomena. Bretoncaffe’s operation has been developing simultaneously in three fields – art, research and education – which constitute a cohesive whole, based on a community of ideas, beliefs, passions, questions and explorations regarding both art and life. During the 9 years of its activity, Bretoncaffe created 12 spectacles, presented and awarded at numerous festivals in Poland. The Theater also represented Polish art abroad – in France, Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Its members took part in international projects, including those organized by Centre National de la Danse, THEOREM, Choreographisches Zentrum NRW in Essen and Centre Dramatique Le Manege Mons, Belgium. In 2004 the group initiated a research project titled “Dance of a Dreaming Body”, aimed at applying the philosophy and methodology of Arnold Mindell’s process-oriented psychology to dance and theater practice. The idea of the project was inspired by the artist's longtime fascination with the work of Carl Gustav Jung. “Dance of a Dreaming Body” is realized in cooperation with the Academy of Process-Oriented Psychology in Warsaw. It is the first initiative of that kind in Poland. One of the performances produced within the project – “Dancing Sarah Kane” was included in the program of Polish Dance Platform 2008.