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Łukasz Szałankie­wicz + Wojciech Morawski Sound Seekers Workshop


90 minutes

The workshop invites children to an abstract and mysterious world of electronic sounds and multimedia images. During the class children will embark on a sound expedition guided by two multimedia artists who will share their passion with them. By constructing mobile sculptures from their own bodies, connecting into long chains and playing together using simple electronic structures the young participants and the artists will discover the world of generating sounds and images. They will be in a small multimedia lab where the children will be able to have a go at building simple electronic instruments, will find out what a lemon sounds like and how body movement can affect an image.

The workshop will also be a unique encounter between two major figures from the Polish alternative electronic music scene who share a fascination with working with children.

Łukasz Szałankiewicz is an artist who is associated with Sanok, Krakow and, recently, Poznań. He is a sound designer, historian, electronic music curator and a member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music.

He has taken part in various international festivals in Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, Uruguay and the USA. He has also performed during the Polish festivals, Audio Art, Unsound and Wro, and at a number of venues, for instance Galeria Kordegrada (Warsaw), the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw), Galeria Arsenał (Białystok) and Centre of Contemporary Art (Toruń).

In his work Szałankiewicz focuses on musical explorations, audiovisual performances and interactive installations. Apart from strictly musical work he is also involved in the promoting of Polish artists in Poland and abroad and is a member of the AudioTong label. He has extensively contributed to the organisation of several festivals. Releasing as Zenial (and formerly as Palsecam) he also co-creates the project AABZU with Maciej Szymczuk and contributes to the project Dizzy Kinetics with Prof. Marek Chołoniewski.

Szałankiewicz is also involved in conducting sound workshops and creating interactive musical installations for children. One of these, Dźwiękoświsty, was presented during the Little Warsaw Autumn to high critical acclaim.

See „Dźwiękoświsty”

Wojciech Morawski is a composer and electronic music creator, a curator and organiser of musical events, a culture researcher and, primarily, a musician working within the drone/ambient/minimal genres using the feedback technique. He is interested in the consequences of working at the junction between lo/hi-fi quality and the relationship between sound and the body, in addition to exploring children’s perception of music and images. He is the curator of Cyklotronika comprising small electronic music concerts organised by Klubokawiarnia Meskalina and Galeria Miejska Arsenał. Morawski has composed and performed music to several plays, including plays for children, for instance Śpij at Teatr Baj in Warsaw (for children aged up to three years) and Nusia i Wilki in Teatr Lalki i Aktora in Opole. In 2012, in Japan, he created a dance and audiovisual performance entitled Gift with Japanese choreographer, Yuka Seike. He has played several hundred concerts in Poland and abroad, for example in Austria, Germany, Japan and Russia, and has collaborated with some major Polish cultural institutions, including the Theatre Institute in Warsaw, the National Audiovisual Institute and the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań. He has also taken part in the most significant MediaLabs organised in Poland (2010, 2011), also as a Master Class participant.

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