Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Solo Projekt is the first in Poland residency program created by Art Stations Foundation in 2006. Its mission is to support Polish dance artists in their search for their individual artistic language. The project's main stress is put on the very process of creation and the artistic experiment, with the hope that this will lead to an attempt of reflecting over the art of dance and, perhaps, to redefine the very concept of contemporary dance in the search for the means of physical expression. With this idea in mind, we have decided to emphasize not so much the idea of “spectacle as a product” but rather focus on the creative process and, consequently, to support the young participants not only on production side but also by professional artistic assistance during the process. This has led to 14 different spectacles being produced at Stary Browar as part of the program within the period of the last years – each operating on completely different aesthetics and representing individual interests and personality of particular choreographers.

The program is directed at professional dancers and beginner choreographers whose interests reach beyond the traditionally understood “dance theater”. The program's motto are the words of an English choreographer, Jonathan Burrows: “One needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a dance.”

Solo Projekt artists-in-residence list includes as far: Janusz Orlik, Anita Wach, Konrad Szymański, Dominika Knapik, Renata Piotrowska, Marcin Janus and Barbara Bujakowska, Tomasz Bazan, Karol Tymiński, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Małgorzata Haduch, Magda Przybysz, Aleksandra Borys, Anna Nowicka and Rafał Urbacki.

In 2011 the artistic partner of the residents will be a visual artist Luca Giacomo Schulte, a long-term collaborator of the German choreographer Raimund Hoghe, and the dancer Ornella Balestra, who in January 2011 performed “Rosenzeit – A solo for Ornella Balestra” at Stary Browar.

Luca Giacomo Schulte studied fine arts at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf/Münster (Germany). His work has been shown at exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, and Sweden. Since 1992 he has continuously collaborated with the internationally renowned choreographer and dancer Raimund Hoghe. “Rosenzeit – A solo for Ornella Balestra” (2009) and “Joseph” (2011) are his first complete works for theatre. As a choreographer he aims at discovering the common denominator of dance and visual arts and seeks the original significance of these two realms of art. Thus his interest is in combining the two as one and redefining their initial meaning.

Ornella Balestra studied classical dance at the Royal Ballet School in London and La Scala Opera House in Milan. She performed as soloist in Maurice Béjart’s Ballet du Vingtìème Siècle and studied at his Mudra school in Brussels. Returning to Italy, she continued to work with Italian choreographers, performing in major theatres and festivals across the country. Her international career gained new momentum when she began collaborating with Raimund Hoghe. She is a leading dancer in his pieces “Tanzgeschichten” (German Producers Award 2003), “Swan Lake, 4 Acts” (2005), “Boléro Variations” (2007) and “Si je meurs laissez le balcon ouvert” (2010). The pieces are performed worldwide.

Irena Lipińska dancer, choreographer and photographer. A degree in Polish and cultural studies at Wrocław University. Perfected her dancing under many renowned butoh dancers and contemporary dance choreographers. In 2010 received a scholarship from the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Participates in a year-long trainee program of the ZAR Theatre. Completed a course in stage choreography and received a diploma from the Art Studio Artistic Alternative in Krakow. She pursues her autonomous method of studying and working with the body and an individual artistic approach.

Iza Szostak dancer, choreographer, graduate of the Ballet School in Warsaw and the Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. Scholarship holder of the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Dutch Corrie Hartong Fonds and the Program of the Alternative Dance Academy. An intern in Belgium in the group of Jan Fabre / Troubleyn. Cooperated also with Michael Schumacher, Amy Raymond, Krisztina de Chatel, and Felix Ruckert. Since 2008 has collaborated with the group Anna Holter + Company in Munich. In 2009 she took part in the Urban Explorer Festival in Dordrecht as well as cooperated with Guilherme Botelho at the Body/Mind Festival in Warsaw. In 2010 she took part in the project “Let’s Dance Chopin” with the choreography by Marysia Stokłosa and created her own solo choreographies “Karmi-go”, “Feedback” and “Grandpa-Go”.

Aleksandra Ścibor dancer, interpreter, certified contemporary dance teacher. Aleksandra graduated from the School of English (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań; specialization: conference interpreting) and completed Postgraduate Studies for the Managers of Culture (Warsaw School of Economics). She was introduced into dance by Kama Jankowska and Witold Jurewicz. In 2005, she joined Alter Dance Theatre. Most recently she has been cooperating with Jacek Owczarek (Pracownia Fizyczna) and Rafał Dziemidok (Koncentrat). She is a member of MOVIN` ŁÓDŹ. She deals with interpreting / translating the technical language of dance and contributes to the website Her interests include contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, authentic movement and physical dance. She lives through dancing.