Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Solo Projekt is the first in Poland residency program created by Art Stations Foundation in 2006. Its mission is to support Polish dance artists in their search for their individual artistic language. The project's main stress is put on the very process of creation and the artistic experiment, with the hope that this will lead to an attempt of reflecting over the art of dance and, perhaps, to redefine the very concept of contemporary dance in the search for the means of physical expression. With this idea in mind, we have decided to emphasize not so much the idea of “spectacle as a product” but rather focus on the creative process and, consequently, to support the young participants not only on production side but also by professional artistic assistance during the process. This has led to 11 different spectacles being produced at Stary Browar as part of the program within the period of the last years – each operating on completely different aesthetics and representing individual interests and personality of particular choreographers.

The program is directed at professional dancers and beginner choreographers whose interests reach beyond the traditionally understood “dance theater”. The program's motto are the words of an English choreographer, Jonathan Burrows: “One needs two legs, two hands and, most of all, a head to create a dance.”

Solo Projekt artists-in-residence list includes as far: Janusz Orlik (Poznań), Anita Wach (Warsaw), Konrad Szymański (Łódź), Dominika Knapik (Kraków), Renata Piotrowska (Warsaw), Marcin Janus and Barbara Bujakowska (Kraków), Tomasz Bazan (Lublin) and Karol Tymiński (Warsaw), Ramona Nagabczyńska (Warsaw), Małgorzata Haduch (Kraków) and Magda Przybysz (Kraków).

The artistic coach for Solo Projekt 2010 is German choreographer and artistic director of Tanztage Berlin – Peter Pleyer.

Pater Pleyer studied dance at the European Dance Development Centre / Art Academy Arnhem, NL. he worked as dancer and choreographic assistant with Yoshiko Chuma, New York and Mark Tompkins, Paris. Since his studies a long time collaborator with Ezster Gal / Budapest: choreography and improvisation (performances at the New York Impro Festival, Paris celebration of 20 years of contact improvisation). 1994-2000 Peter choreographed his own dances in Holland (a.o. paticipant at the choreography competition Groningen). In 2000 Peter has moved to Berlin with a big interest in the theoretical studies of dance and dancemaking. Here he developed choreographing books, a lecture - performance on his view of the development of dance studies in the USA and Europe. He helped to create a dance education for contemporary choreography in Berlin. Since 2009 he is a dramaturg and movementcoach for Marysia Stokłosa (Right hemisphere, Let’s Dance Chopin for Expo 2010 Shanghai). In the same year he developed the course history in practice for the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań, Kontakt Budapest, P.O.R.C.H. Stolzenhagen, MA course at ArtEZ / Art Academy Arnhem, NL and the Polish Theater Institut Warsaw. Since 2007 Peter is the artistic director of Tanztage Berlin, a festival for young choreography in Berlin.

Aleksandra Borys graduated from Codarts / Rotterdam Dance Academy, Holland and National Ballet School in Łódź, Poland. Attending Tour d’Europe des Chorégraphes. Worked with choreographers / artists from Spain, UK, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Israel and Italy. Created and co-created performances were showed in Holland, UK, Croatia and Poland. In 2010 holder of Scholarship of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Anna Nowicka dancer, choreographer, pedagogue and psychologist, a graduate of the University of Warsaw, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, she holds a diploma of a contemporary dance teacher. She participated in dance productions in Poland and abroad. In Warsaw she was a long-time student of Anna Godowska and took part in the projects of Przemyslaw Wasilkowski. She owes much of her development to the work with Mala Kline. Between 2008/2009 she took part in Tomi Janezic's postgraduate program for performers in Slovenia and had guest perforances with En-Knap Group. Continually works on ther own spectacles. Collaborates with Dragana Alfirevic. Currently studies choreography in Berlin.

Rafał Urbacki mover, humanist, student of the Drama Directorship Department at L. Solski National Theater School in Cracow (third year). He also studied culture studies at the Silesian University and theater studies at the Jagiellonian University. He started his dance education at the Kierunek Dance Theater in Bytom. He participated in the productions of Gessel Mason, Victoria Fox and Phil Williams. An author of four solo projects 7 Up, Birthday, NoSleep, Equation. He performed in and co-authored several video-dance projects (The Lift and The Adventures of Giraffi and Charming Seally). A director of Mover. A Social Project presented at the 17th International Conference of Contemporary Dance and Festival of Dance Art in Bytom. He participated in a number of workshops and coaching projects focusing on contemporary dance, Body Mind Centering, contact improvisation and authentic movement.