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Dominika Knapik
She calls herself a 'searching actor-dancer-choreographer'. She comes from Kraków, where she graduated from The Ballet Studio of Opera Krakowska and PWST (The State School for Theatre Arts). She has always oscillated between dance and acting. Right now she is interested in working on the crossing line of theatre, dance and film. She forms a dance group called Hoplaaa, which deals with the production of experiments combining dance and film. SOLO PROJEKT for her is a chance to create the first fully authorial project and stand face to face with her own dreams about choreography.

Renata Piotrofska
A Warsaw-based actress (graduated from The Theatre Academy), contact improviser, choreographer, dance and movement therapist (The DMT Institute), freelancer. She works with Teatr Academia from Warsaw. Participated in many workshops, internships and projects of improvisation and contact improvisation method in Poland, as well as abroad (among others with Andrew Harwood, Carol Swann, Michael Schumacher and The School of New Dance Development in Amsterdam). She runs theatre and dance improvisation workshops, creates her own choreographies and scenic movement for theatre performances. Working for PROJEKT SOLO 2007 will be her first solo performance.

Konrad Szymański
Currently a fourth-year student of The Rotterdam Dance Academy, major: performer. This is where he has had the opportunity to work with experienced dancers and choreographers and work on projects with students of the choreography department. He started as a dancer of social dance, then he participated in various dance workshops. A year before starting his professional education, he worked in Opera na Zamku in Szczecin. Apart from dance, his passion is photography, especially of theatre and portraits. His main interest in dance is the power of movement improvisation as a way to learn? also about life.