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Gardeners House in Źródliska Park

in the frame of Teatralna Karuzela 2014 festival

Marta Romaszkan SHARED ENERGY on tour: Łódź

Workshops for children and their families.

More information at 4th Festival Teatralna Karuzela 2014  website.

Shared Energy is a workshop dedicated to the relationship between a parent’s and a child’s body based on moving together in a wide variety of dynamics and energies, in addition to observing how the energies affect the two participants. The aim is to find an individual and comfortable movement-dance that will allow the parent and child to play together, feel relaxed and have fun. The participants will not learn any particular dance steps, but through relaxed movements that refer to the specific energies of dances like ballet, the tango, tribal dance or tai chi movements, they will develop their own parent-child dance.

MartaDSC 7423 M.Zakrzewski

Marta Romaszkan majored in Philosophy/Social Communication at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her work on movement is primarily based on Eastern martial arts, namely Tai Chi, which she studied in China and in Piotr Ziemba’s school in Poznań, and on Aiki which she is currently studying with Master of Noh and Aiki, Masato Matsuura, in Brussels. She has studied contemporary dance and butoh techniques with Polish and international teachers. With Patryk Lichota she has created the shows Starving Mirrors, which premiered during the ADM Blixem Festival in Amsterdam (2010) and Strange Lóóp, presented at the Polish Dance Platform. Marta is also a graduate of the Alternative Dance Academy (2012), where she took part in a workshop conducted by Dalija Aćin, a major choreographer creating for children. In her work, Marta focuses on communication in improvisation between musicians and dancers. She is also fascinated with working with children.