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Janusz Orlik Play and Move Workshop


80 minutes


Playing and constantly moving are activities that children love best. In his workshop Janusz Orlik reaches out to children’s natural potential to move and play. Instead of a complicated dance lesson the choreographer wants to propose spontaneous exercises, movement games and natural forms of activity. Apart from availing of their own bodies the youngsters will also use props to make the classes more appealing and to check how simple objects can set not only their bodies but also their imaginativeness in motion.

We are also inviting the children’s parents, grandparents or guardians to take part in the workshop – not only as observers but as active participants.

Janusz Orlik, after graduating from ballet school in Warsaw became a student of Brucknerkonservatorium Linz (AT). During his studies he became a founding member of x.IDA Dance Co. and performed in productions created by Olga Cobos, Peter Mika, Catherine Guérin, Rebekka Murgi, Nicole Caccivio, Charlotte Vincent. Since 2002 Janusz has been a regular member of Vincent Dance Theatre (GB). Simultaneously, Janusz creates his own choreographic works, including “Exérèse monobloc” (2004), “and thy neighbour as thyself” (2006), “Live on stage” (2008), “The Rite of Spring” (2011). In 2007 he performed in “nothing” by towarzystwo gimnastyczne and in 2009 in “Happy” by Nigel Charnock, in which he was also involved as choreographer's assistant. In 2010 he joined Kwaad Bloed Company (BE) performing in “Forces”. In 2011 he joined Nigel Charnock + Company (GB) to create new work “Ten Men”. In the same year he collaborated and performed in “Reconstruction” by Joanna Leśnierowska. In 2012 he began collaboration with Gary Clarke (GB) performing in “Horsemeat”. Other works include “High heels” for the ballet ensemble of The Opera House in Kraków, “Alpha” for The Contemporary Dance Scene in Poznań, “Adagio” for the Musical Theatre in Poznań. As well as performing Janusz delivers dance workshops in various venues and dance schools in Poland and abroad. Scholar of Ministry of Culture and National Herritage in 2011.

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