Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk

Laboratorium, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej w Warszawie
Anita Wach OOPS performacne

conceived by 
Anita Wach and Bojan Jablanovec

performer and choreographer 
Anita Wach

concept and direction 
Bojan Jablanovec

technical manager 
Janko Oven

Špela Trošt

produced by 
Art Stations Foundation, Poznań and Via Negativa, Ljubljana, supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana

in coproduction with 
tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf and, in the frame of residence programme, Dance Ireland, Dublin

supported by 
Modul-Dance and the Culture Programme of the European Union

What does it mean to be alive? To see things clear? I never do no matter how much do I think, work, read, learn, experience… To breathe and taste and touch and see and feel? Most of the time I do this, but most of the time I am not sure what do I breathe and taste and touch and see and feel. I’m hostage of my multilayerd, heavy and difficult personality, which is not certain about anything. I’m hostage of my body, space, time, nationality, love, life, earth, air… I’m not sure I want to be free – outside my body, space, time… Until I’m captive, I’m alive. And yet, I feel as a mistake that happen 39 years ago on the hot summer evening 14th of June 1973 in Kielce, when after being blown away with passion, my father said to my mother: “Oops.” And she asked: “What?” And he said: “Yes.” And she said: “Fuck.” I cannot correct this. The only thing that can follow is just another oops.

OOPS is Art Station Foundation (Poznań) and Via Negativa (Ljubljana) most recent production. Conceived in the frames of Modul-Dance project, a multiannual program supporting European dance artists. Polish premiere of Anita Wach solo will take place in June 2012.

Funded by a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Herritage


Realised with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland