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Old Brewery New Dance For Children 2013

Alicja Morawska-Rubczak

Sandra Lewandowska

The project entails motional workshops and the most interesting dance performances created for young audiences that go beyond the framework of theatre. Following two successful editions featuring hundreds of dancing children and several dozen artists for whom dancing for children is the greatest passion in their lives we wish to expand the project to provide our young viewers with monthly encounters with dance and movement. Consequently, we have designed a series of workshops aimed at the development of children’s creativity. These will combine dance, language, visual arts and a modern perception of music. The workshops will be conducted by Polish choreographers who are experienced in working with children: Aleksandra Borys, Monika Kiwak, Janusz Orlik, Marta Romaszkan, Dominika Szala-Wentland, Patryk Lichota, Wojciech Morawski and Łukasz Szałankiewicz. The topics which these encounters will focus on include contact improvisation for whole families, the motion of words for preschool children and space within movement/movement within space, as well as the artistic side of movement, words and sounds.

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The workshops will be held on every third Saturday of a month and will be accompanied by some of the most interesting Polish and international performances dedicated to children aged from several months to six years. The young viewers will have the opportunity to encounter an excellent artistic proposal whilst the Polish dancers involved will be able to become familiar with the works of some of the most interesting creators in the field of contemporary dance for children.

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