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Ania Nowak Don’t Go For Second Best, Baby! Disc 1 SOLO PROJEKT PLUS 2016

concept and choreography
Ania Nowak

dance and artistic collaboration
Julek Kreutzer, Julia Plawgo

dramaturgy consultation
Mateusz Szymanówka,
Julia Rodriguez,
Siegmar Zacharias

costume design
Melanie Jame Wolf

artistic coaching
Bush Hartshorn

with support
Adam Mickiewicz Institute

thanks to
HZT Berlin

premiere 10 grudnia 2016, Studio Słodownia +3

teaser © Ośko / Bogunia

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Don’t Go For Second Best, Baby! is a choreography of support and emergence.

Backup dancing is about bodies in movement practicing being in relation to the center, do each other and to choreography understood as a shared, spontaneous plan. This dance is made collectively out of many intersecting monologues. Backup dancers generate movement of support on an empty stage as a clear center they could refer to is missing. What does it mean to take care of somebody else’s dance? Or to be with someone through dance?
This dance approaches improvisation as a strategy of resistance against the politics of command and hierarchies. The bodies moving in the background insist on dance’s ability to create formats of being and thinking which don’t have to stay on the periphery.

Ania Nowak works choreographing thoughts, language and situations. Her main interests are currently centred around time economies in choreography and love as a practice of improvisation and (not) understanding. She is engaged in developing networks of collaboration with her peers based in and outside of Berlin, rethinking modes of working in today's performing arts and encouraging queer-feminist practices within the field. Her last work "Offering What We Don't Have To Those Who Don't Want It" premiered at Sophiensaele in Berlin as part of Tanztage Berlin 2016. Nowak has presented her own and collaborative works in theatres, galleries and art centres in Warsaw, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Stockholm a.o. She has been artist-in-residence at Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan, Poland, with the project "Love As a Strategy For Generating Knowledge And Spending Time", and —together with Martin Hansen— at Dancehouse Melbourne. She has also collaborated in the making of a mass choreography for the opening ceremony of the first European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. Nowak is a recipient of DanceWeb scholarship at Impuls Tanz Festival 2014 in Vienna.

Julek Kreutzer was born in Berlin in 1991. She grew up south of the river. She started moving out of boredom and necessity and ended up studying at HZT Berlin on the BA program. Since her graduation, Julek works on her language skills, performs and composes movement with kids and grownups. On her days off, she writes grey poetry on an AEG typewriter and dreams of the equator.

Julia Plawgo works with dance and choreography as a survival strategy. She studies at HZT Berlin, works mainly with friends, and her favourite pop songs are Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) by Crystal Waters and You Keep Me Hangin’ On by Kim Wilde.