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Studio Slodownia +3

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Emese Cuhorka, Júlia Hadi, Csaba Molnár, Marcio Canabarro

live music
Zoltán Mizsei

music consultant
Zsolt Sőrés Ahad

Ármin Szabó-Székely, Zsolt Sőrés, Marco Torrice

Kata Dézsi

Hód Adrienn

co-produced by
Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts

photos © KNI

duration 60 min

supported by Ministry of Human Resources (H), National Cultural Fund (H), New Performing Arts Foundation (H), OFF Foundation (H),SÍN Cultural Centre (H), Workshop Foundation (H), Départs (EU), Culture programme of the European Union

Hodworks Dawn KNI 3

In Hodworks’ Dawn, the naked human body takes centre stage. It opens up in front of us like a landscape dressed in the outlines of the muscles, the wrinkles of the skin and its flushed texture. We get to witness the body's anatomical-mechanical nature or “animal-like quality”, which is so much of a taboo of our times. The continuity of the interactions and the unstoppable series of changes turn this daring piece into a performance, which demands an exceptionally high level of consciousness, strength, and sensitivity from the dancers wearing their nakedness in an uninhibited way, without shame or insecurity. Dawn is an autonomous and radical research of the body, free from prejudice.

Hodworks Dawn KNI 4
The Hodworks was established in 2007 by Adrienn Hód. Alongside permanent creative members, artists are also invited to co-operate with this international contemporary troupe. It is a creative group that is based on independent artistic creativity with great degree of concentration and a sensitive and provocatively fresh approach. At the centre of their work is a body free of all obstacles, intermediaries, decorations, props, and theatrical devices. Performances are always headed in an unknown, new, progressive direction. One consistent quality is a virtuosic language of movement established and refined through many hours of experimental work. The main tool of the rehearsal process is improvisation, which they re-invent in performance within a carefully planned structure. Choreographic structures are marked by a delicate teeter from abstract presentation to specific meaning and back. A Hodworks performance dilates the senses and thespirit of the audience; it tempts them, but is never aggressive. It causes one to question and to doubt. It does not compromise. It does not aim to please.

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