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Magdalena Woskowicz Dance and Tell a Story WORKSHOP


50 minutes

Children see the world in a magical way. During the workshop they will have an opportunity to play imaginary roles. This identification process that is natural to children and important from the cognitive point of view will be used to teach them steps and animate their movement. The activating of the children’s imaginativeness will set them in motion, whilst telling a story as they are dancing and making a reference to a familiar fairy tale or magical character will give meaning to their dance. The movement will no longer be abstract but will be like a costume used to enact magical roles and experience exciting adventures.

During the Dance and Tell a Story workshop, the instructor Magda Woskowicz will act intuitively and respond to the children’s individuality and the uniqueness of each encounter. She will encourage them to open themselves and to act since she believes that dance and the development of free expression is a necessary impulse to uncover their fascinating potential.

Each workshop will teach the children awareness of their bodies, coordination, balance, a sense of rhythm and the interpretation of sounds. In addition to a friendly and creative environment the choreographies, adapted to the children’s abilities, will make the children eager to accept challenges as a group and to build social bonds. All this will create a dance community that will add much joy and valuable skills to their childhoods. This form of leisure allows children to develop an open approach to the world and is an exciting alternative to television and computer games. Moreover, parents can see their children in some quite unusual and even surprising roles and get to know them better.

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