Art stations fundation - by Grażyna Kulczyk


Children’s Art Centre in Poznań Audiopollen

from 4 to 6 years

Children take part in the performance without their parents who it is up to decide about their children’s participation taking into account their perception capacity

45 minutes

The Audiopollen Expedition concept was created by Robert Jarosz

The Audiopollen was collected, studied and arranged into musical values by composer and light programmer Patryk Lichota

The Audiopollen Capsule was designed by Czech scientist and stage designer Jan Polivka

The Audiopollen was provided by Monika Dąbrowska, Agnieszka Płoszajska and Robert Jarosz

The Audiopollen Capsule Builders Division were Grzegorz Fijałkowski, Zdzisław Radkowski and Michał Krugiołka

The suits were created by Skilled Seamstresses, Katarzyna Ratič and Beata Nowacka

The Copper Fleet was commanded by Wojciech Nowak

The first person to fly the Audiopollen Capsule and to have faith in its success was Zbigniew Rudziński

You will be put in a mood to travel by your Audipollen Guide Anna Białek




Audiopollen is special pollen. Just like the pollen of flowers, it travels in the air. Once it reaches a person’s ear it sprouts into a series of images. You can follow it in a special capsule designed to be used by all our youngest viewers.

Audiopyłki is an innovative project created by the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań, aimed at encouraging children aged from four to six years to perceive music theatrically. It is a voyage across spaces within nature and the human body; a special journey focusing not on the visible but on the audible only. It is like a research expedition taking part in an especially designed vehicle of light and sound. The role of this mysterious device is to prepare the children for and make them open to contact with the unknown, to stimulate their imagination and to activate a series of associations leading to the construction of their own plots. Audiopyłki is an artistic experiment, an attempt to search for children’s yet undiscovered areas of aesthetic and intellectual sensitivity. Both its premiere and the subsequent visits of preschool children from Poznań in the cosmic capsule have been extremely successful.

Audiopyłki is an audio play combined with an expedition to a world where stories tell themselves without words – using only sound and light. It is the first attempt by Old Brewery New Dance for Children to open the youngest audience to an installation merging various fields of visual arts. As always, we are interested in the sphere of children’s poly-sensory experience and in developing their creativity. This time, however, they will only be dancing in their imagination stimulated by the Audiopollen sounds and images swirling around in their heads.

The voyage includes:
- A warm-up
- Listening to an expedition journal (6 minutes)
- Preparation for the voyage/putting on special suits
- A journey in the Audiopollen Capsule
- Sonorous integration

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