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Monika Kiwak A Recipe for Dance Workshop

5-8 years old

90 minutes

Monika Kiwak

Do everyday activities have anything in common with dancing? What can turn even tooth brushing into choreography? Can words be danced? Can the body speak?

We will improvise together by referring to activities which are usually not associated with dancing. With components like space, tempo and movement levels and with the support of our senses, each of us will get the opportunity to create our own recipe for dance, our individual language of movement.

Monika Kiwak obtained a masters degree in theatre studies and Polish philology at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow (PL). She is also a graduate of the dance department of Performers House (DK) and a certified contemporary dance instructor. She has taken part in the certified Body Mind Centering Course in Bratislava, (CZ). She is currently an Art Stations Foundation scholarship holder (Alternative Dance Academy 2013) and a dancer with Eksperymentalne Studio Tańca Iwony Olszowskiej, Krakow.

Monika Kiwak works with children, adolescents and adults mainly using the movement improvisation method. In her work with children her focus is on merging various fields of art and science, e.g. visual art, music, physics and anatomy, with movement. She improvised in Dziwne nie_pokoje and during Screen and Sound Fest. She is currently working on the subject of the similarities of H. P. Grice’s principles of communication in verbal and nonverbal language.

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